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First Full day in Ethiopia | #fhbloggers

En Route from Adis Ababa to Sewey

There was some sort of funeral or event going on in the middle of the street. We had to sit still and let them pass us. 

Photo by Daniel C White

Rift Valley. Longest Valley in the world.

Lone tree in the Rift Valley.

Our hotel is not exactly roughing it!

Daniel meeting orphans

I love the way that the kids sprint over to you whenever they see your van pull up.

They kids love to say hi and peek in the windows.


All Worthington showing kids photos of themselves.

Unashamed joy. Pure smiles.

Theresa is 13 and she said when she finishes her schooling she’d like to become a doctor and build her mom a new house.

Theresa’s sponsor family who provides her with food, medical and schooling so she can dream for a future.

A very typical way to get around in rural Ethiopia.