Ruggard Red Series Ruby 33 Tech Backpack

A good choice would be the Ruggard Red Series Ruby 33 Tech Backpack. So, what do you get with this choice? Well, first you get the main compartment area that can fit a small collection of books, your DLSR camera, your lunch, or any number of combination of items you need for work or school. It also has a cushioned interior sleeve to fit in an iPad of about 10”. This comes with an elastic strap to make sure it doesn’t slide out when the backpack is overturned.

The dedicated cushioned laptop area is perfect for any 15.6” laptop so you are not worried about cuts or scraps. The laptop is protected from minor bumps and shocks and is kept in place by an elastic belt. This is followed by an assortment of labeled pockets with touch fasteners that you can throw in your accessories into.

The Ruggard Red Series Ruby 33 Tech Backpack is perfect if you are a student and need a backpack that is secure and versatile. Or you are a professional on the move having your whole workstation easily squared away within.

By now I’m sure you have noticed I have been hinting more towards using this for school or as a laptop bag because it’s very good at being just that. But if you are in the market for something to carry your camera gear in, I would say it might be better to look elsewhere. All the included straps and velcro do not make this very camera friendly. On the other hand, if you are just throwing in your laptop and a small camera into the bag then you have no issues.

All in all, it is a very well-made backpack that will serve you for a long time while securing your precious cargo. The hand straps are comfortable and prolong usage doesn’t cause discomfort with a moderate load. For just under $80 it is a great value for money.

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