Does photography feel like a guessing game?

I remember that feeling well!

Most camera owners are confused, frustrated & overwhelmed when trying to learn their camera settings and editing software.

That's why we create easy, step-by-step photography courses that teach you, in plain English, how to confidently shoot & edit pro-quality photos every time.

Hi, I’m David Molnar and I remember being overwhelmed when I was trying to learn to take great photos.

And even more overwhelmed when I was staring at a Photoshop screen.
Even after years of photography classes I still felt confused.

I wished an experienced pro photographer would have mentored me on what I needed to know (and skip all the boring scientific nonsense).

I realized photography is not that hard when you have a simple plan to follow.
We’ve just had super nerds, that are way too smart, trying to explain photography to us.
I dreamed of helping aspiring photographers avoid all the trial and error and years of frustration I went through.

As a busy working photographer my photos were featured on millions of Pepsi cans, in People Magazine and the New York times. But all I could do was dream bigger.  

I dreamed of helping tens of thousands of photographers pursue their dreams.

So I built a simple plan anyone can follow and now mentor people like YOU.

Now my company is mentoring over 200,000 students who are following the step-by-step plan to become great photographers.


Does photography feel like a guessing game? Kiss that game goodbye!

Meet Your Photography Mentor Team

David Molnar  CEO

David Molnar is a celebrity and advertising photographer, believer and family man.

His work has been seen on millions of Pepsi cans, in People Magazine, on American Idol, and in The New York Times.

His clients include Google, Pepsi, & Sony among many others. Feeling so blessed to be realizing his dreams, David is now focusing on being “Your Photography Mentor.”

He is helping tens of thousands of photographers pursue THEIR dreams by creating world-class photo education, inspiration & resources.

Kristen Cook  Operations Director

Kristen is our Chief Chaos Tamer: No problem is too big or too small.

She loves making sure our student experience is the absolute best it can be and making sure the team is able to serve in the best capacity possible {even if that means rolling her eyes a time or two at the banter between David and Rich}.

A former Florida girl, Kristen lives with her husband and two kiddos in what she calls the “often cold Midwest.” When she is not at work, you can find her taking a run or in the Summer, enjoying her kiddos happily splashing in the pool.

Rich Coleman  Creative Director & Photo Mentorship Director

Students and David Molnar staff alike love Rich for his positive vibes and helpfulness.

Rich has the unique experience of being directly mentored by David in his career as a professional wedding photographer. David has been his biggest role model from the very beginning of his career.
For every shoot, Rich believes in keeping things fun, relaxed, and stress-free for all involved. Loving what he does motivates him to be at his best for all his shoots, no matter how big or small. His breathtaking professional photos preserve special memories of events for generations to come.

Rich lives in his hometown on the Outer Banks of North Carolina with his wife and two kids. He loves creative outlets and in addition to photography in his free time he likes to hand build and play guitars.

Melanie Williams  Head of Student Experience

Melanie is the the smiling face behind the computer and phone, constantly working to create a student experience beyond compare! 

Her world revolves around YOU. Your needs and desires are her focus and research. From answering questions to finding ways to solve problems, she is constantly working to optimize your experience. She loves solution-finding and making you feel welcomed, supported, and championed.

Before picking up her camera and joining David Molnar Photography, Melanie was an elementary school teacher. When she's not helping you, she's enjoying time with her husband, teenage son, and spoiled cats.

She shoots with a Nikon Z6. While she shoots many types of sessions, her favorites are toddler and senior shoots because their future is right in front of them and moments captured here are often the most genuine.

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