Back Button Focus: The Secret to Crisp Photos Every Time

Back Button Focus: The Secret to Crisp Photos Every Time One of the most important buttons on your camera is often one that many people new to using a DSLR have never heard of, but it’s your secret to crisp, beautiful photos, every time. What Is Back Button Focus? On most cameras, the shutter button is how you auto focus – you push the button down halfway, it focuses on your subject, and then you push down all the way to take your photo. You’ve probably noticed that this works well enough in situations where you have enough light, where your subject isn’t moving, or where there isn’t any risk anyone (or anything) else will move into your frame. But you have to repeat the process for each photo you take – pushing down the shutter button, waiting for the light and beep that tells you the image is in focus, and then taking your photo. And as you’ve probably experienced, if your finger slips, you either lose focus, or you take the photo before you’re ready. Back button focus moves focusing to a separate button, leaving taking the photo the only job your shutter button has to do. Why Does That Matter? Back button focusing means you have greater control over the focus, allowing you to set your focus and then lock it in. Once locked, you can move around your subject (as long as you remain the same distance away), or you can take photos of one particular person in a group of people, without worrying that the focus will wind up resetting itself to a different face (or someone’s shoulder, or hand, or chin!) You’ll get... Read More

What Questions must be answered in my Master Your DSLR eCourse?

What Questions must be answered in my Master Your DSLR eCourse? I’m VERY close to finishing the first update to my long awaited Master Your DSLR Camera eCourse. I’ve spent years learning my DSLR camera and it’s complicated stuff. Most people never learn to take it off of automatic… and that’s a big problem because they’ll never be able to take the photos they’ve always dreamed of. They’ll keep getting the same LAME results over and over. Blurry photos of their kids, a flash that goes off when they don’t want it to. They’ll get photos that are too dark or too bright and they don’t know why or how to change it. There is SOOO much technical crap out there when you’re trying to learn photography that it can really bog you down. I’ve wished for years that someone would do all the hard work for me and tell me ONLY what’s important. I decided if no one else was going to do it… that’s what I have to do! In my Master Your DSLR Camera eCourse, I break down learning DSLR Cameras into bite sized nuggets & teach you ONLY what’s SUPER important! The first version of the eCourse was INSANELY AWESOME! My students have said things like:   “David’s way of teaching is the easiest and most straightforward way to learn how to master your DSLR camera.” —Jessica Potts   “David wrapped all three years of my Photo classes into thirty minutes. I have never enjoyed photography as much as I do now!” —Trisha Mcleod   I’ve spent years researching, compiling and creating a SIMPLE process of teaching DSLR photography. I’ve battle tested in person at my coaching sessions, workshops and now FINALLY I’ve... Read More