Facebook Rules


The best online community around (but maybe I’m biased)… 

We are a photography community dedicated to generously encouraging one another as we grow and learn together.

What this group IS for:

  • photos (obviously!)
  • technical Qs
  • constructive feedback
  • camera gear recommendations
  • sharing your camera settings
  • cheering for each other

Post away, and don’t be shy! We’re all here to help each other pursue our photography dreams. 

What this group IS NOT for:

  • customer support questions
  • course login issues
  • student account questions or requests
  • negative people

If you need help with any of the above items, shoot an email to [email protected]! My team would love to assist. 


  • No negativity, please. We welcome constructive feedback, not negative criticism.
  • No threats. We have a 1 strike you’re out policy here.
  • No personal attacks (cursing, religious/political, appearances, social status, etc.). We have a 1 strike you’re out policy here.
  • No cursing.
  • No soliciting, unless we’ve asked for it.
  • Don´t promote or advertise any workshops, mentoring or products in this group which are not David Molnar related and/or admin approved.
  • This is not a marketplace. Please do not promote your product or service. Spammers will be banned.
  • No nudity. Keep it G-rated!
  • No private messages (PM) to other members of this group without prior consent (ex: “Can I PM you about this?”).
  • Keep your comments relevant to the original question or topic. We understand that conversations may grow from the post, which is 100% okay if the conversation follows our basic house rules!
  • Do not download and edit someone elses' photo without their permission. 
  • Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you. Give what you'd like to receive!
    If posting photos of a sensitive nature please include a trigger warning in your post and post the photos in the comments. (Ex: TRIGGER WARNING: INFANT LOSS, TRIGGER: SUICIDE.. etc) at the beginning of your posts with all photos posted within the comments section if they could be viewed as disturbing. This group is a safe space and we want people to get the help they need, but we need to also be aware of people's struggles so they can choose to see the photos or not.

Reporting Issues:

Please report inappropriate posts to our admin team by clicking the three dots in the top right corner of the post. If you see negative comments below a post, simply report the post itself so our moderators can resolve the issue.

A Note On CC:

If you post a photo and WANT constructive criticism (CC), please mention that in your caption! Even better if you can request feedback for something specific (like exposure, composition, editing, etc). The more specific, the better we can help each other grow!

Sometimes we all just want to post a photo and receive a little love. Remember, everyone is in a different place in their photography journey, so if constructive feedback isn’t requested, send some encouragement their way! And if you have feedback you’d like to share, ask if they would be interested in such feedback before sharing. Be encouraging, considerate, and helpful.

You guys are amazing. I am confident we will thrive within these guidelineThanks for letting me be a part of your photography journey.  You've come to the right place.

Your Photography Mentor,

David Molnar

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