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[Part 1/3] The Three iOS 8 Shooting Essentials You Must Know

[Part 1/3] The Three iOS 8 Shooting Essentials You Must Know   iOS 8 has brought us some amazing new benefits in the iPhone Photography world and there are 3 specific game changers that you must know about to take seriously amazing iPhone photos.     Over the next 3 weeks I’m going to be releasing one part per week of this series of posts on “The Three iOS 8 Shooting Essentials You Must Know.”   So, lets get started! Part One: My “Favorite” Way to Sort and Organize my iPhone Photos.   Do you ever have a hard time remembering which photo was the best one? What about when scrolling back a thousand pictures ago and trying to pick the a photo to edit? It’s even worse when you are only looking at thumbnails in a third party editing app like Snapseed or VSCOcam trying to remember the best one. What if you could mark the best photos easily so that you will always know where they are? What if it was easy to figure out which photo you wanted to edit weeks or months later? Well you can! iOS 8 has changed the game and made organizing photos SOOO much more efficient. How is that? All you have to do is fill in the hole in that empty heart… when reviewing your photos. Here’s how: (Note: I recently wrote an article on how to find your favorite photos using iOS 7. If you haven’t updated to iOS 8 yet or don’t plan to for a while you should read this article too.)   1. Pick your favorites.   There is a nifty new option in the iOS 8 photos app. When you are reviewing photos, there is... read more

What you need to know about iPhone 6 (and iPhone 6 Plus)

What you need to know about iPhone 6 (and iPhone 6 Plus)   The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were announced this morning. I’m not going to lie, I’m excited about what these changes mean for the iPhone photography community. LARGER SCREENS, BETTER RESOLUTION, BETTER SENSOR, AND… BETTER SELFIES? The new iPhone 6 and 6 plus have larger screens, better resolution and a completely redesigned sensor that will make your photos better, clearer, crisper and more beautiful than ever. Here’s why: Better Sensor The newly designed iSight camera has a newly designed sensor with a new featured called focus pixels that will provide a better faster focus for both photo and video. New Exposure Control A new exposure control in iOS 8 lets you have (more) manual control over the exposure (brightness). But it doesn’t appear that you can separate the focus and exposure. Which is sad. But the good news is that it appears that all iPhones running iOS 8 will be able to have this feature and won’t be limited to the iPhone 6 and 6 plus. Auto image stabilization Auto image stabilization makes up for motion blur and hand shakiness by taking four photos with a short exposure time. Then the best parts of those photos are combined into one image with as little noise, subject motion, and hand shake as possible. FaceTime HD The front-facing FaceTime HD camera now captures 81 percent more light. It also has improved face detection. And its new burst mode takes 10 photos per second. Be prepared for 10x more selfies on Instagram. Improved HDR photos and video The new sensor enables beautiful HDR photos and video with great dynamic range, automatically... read more

How Large Can You Print iPhone Photos?

How Large Can You Print iPhone Photos? Are iPhone photos good enough quality to print?  The answer might surprise you… My friends ask me all the time how large they can print their iPhone photos. I even have people asking me if I can print my iPhone landscape shots for them on a canvas. I have to be honest, before I did research for this post I confess I didn’t really know. Just like you, I mostly use my iPhone photos online. Of course we print 4×6 prints for family at Christmas and stuff but how large can you realistically print the photos before you start losing quality? I’ve created this simple chart for reference. RECOMMENDED IPHONE PHOTO PRINT SIZES AND RESOLUTIONS   HOW TO USE THE CHART: The qualities are broken down into 3 types, Good, Better, and Best. For instance if you are shooting an iPhone 5s, the largest recommended size you can print for “Better Quality” is at a 16.32” x 12.24“. This means you could print a full resolution iPhone photo at a typical 8″ x 10″ or 11″x 14″ with no problems. See the chart below for more specifics. ( See more at:   Note: these numbers and recommendations are based on full quality iPhone photos that have not been reduced in size. If you shoot at a lower quality photo (with a third party app) or edit in a third party app like Instagram it may not be saving the full resolution image and these sizes are not relevant. I suggest you shoot with Camera+ at full resolution or the native Camera App. I recommend editing in Snapseed or VSCOcam. HAVE YOU... read more

The Secret to Perfect Black & White iPhone photos

The Secret to Perfect Black & White iPhone photos   I love how powerful B&W photos can be. [Tweet “B-and-W images can draw attention to what’s important by removing the distraction of color.”]  VSCOcam is one of my favorite apps to edit with and the best way to create B&W photos. You may want to pick up the Uhhhmaazzing free app. Here’s the tutorial: How do you create Black and White iPhone... read more

My Full 8 Chapter eBook is FINALLY Available! | iPhone Only Photography

My Full 8 Chapter eBook is FINALLY Available! | iPhone Only Photography   WOW! I’ve been dreaming of this since I decided to write my book iPhone Only Photography two frickin’ years ago! I’ve poured my heart and soul into this project and I couldn’t be more proud. It is truly my best work I’ve ever created. My full eight chapter book is finally ready!!! Start Taking World-Class Photos with Your iPhone Today! Go get it here at     Not convinced yet?   Have You Ever Seen Something Stunning but the Picture You Took Just Didn’t Do It Justice?   Well, I have some good news. You can take amazing photos with your iPhone. The problem is most people approach mobile photography like a game of Russian roulette, hoping to get lucky. But without the right skills and knowledge, it can be challenging to consistently produce photos that tell a great story. Some think they need to spend thousands of dollars on gear they don’t even know how to use and still end up with disappointing photos. How can you be different?   “Even as a professional photographer, I’ve still learned something new on every page in David’s book.” —Zach Gray   When You Follow This Proven Process…   You will consistently create stunning images by manually controlling your camera and taking the guesswork out of the results. You will make every image a piece of art by using strong composition techniques. You will be able to recreate the feelings you felt when you were first inspired to take the photo. In short, this process will load all the “chambers” with the bullets you need, teaching you how to hit the target every time! How do I know this? Because that’s what I did. As a... read more

Crisp Action Shots on your iPhone?

Crisp Action Shots on your iPhone? Do you ever get blurry photos when you try to shoot an action shot on your iPhone? I don’t anymore. Here’s my secret to getting the best action shots possible using the camera in your pocket: 1. Get Camera+ because it has awesome manual control. It’s the best app for shooting photos and it’s well worth it.* The native Camera app on the iPhone is awesome, but it doesn’t have the best manual control. That’s why I recommend Camera+. 2. Touch the screen on your subject and Camera+ will focus on that spot. With Camera+, the focus will stay put in that specific area of your frame that you told it to focus on. Camera+ is like a very obedient child only doing what you tell it to do until you tell it to do something else. The native Camera app is like a rebellious child always doing what it thinks is best. 3. Move your phone with your subject, keeping the focus square over the action. Take multiple shots. Some of them will turn out blurry and some of them will be perfectly crisp! The key here is to pan your iPhone at the same pace as the movement. 4. And Voila! Here is a crisp iPhone photo using this technique. TIP: If your subject is moving REALLY fast sometimes the background will be blurred like this cool shot from a different day. Do you have any tips or tricks for taking crisp action shots? Share in comments below. ARE WE BEST EMAIL FRIENDS YET? Sign up to get your FREE eBOOK iPhone Only Photography: SHOOTING ESSENTIALS and weekly-ish tutorials and tips.... read more

What people are saying about my FREE eBOOK.

What people are saying about my FREE eBOOK.   I can’t even believe it! Over SEVEN THOUSAND PEOPLE have already downloaded my eBook iPhone Only Photography: SHOOTING ESSENTIALS! Download your FREE copy by clicking here! (If you haven’t yet)   Why does this book exist? In case you have no idea what this is all about, I spent the last two years of my life working on this project. It’s undeniably the best and most important work I’ve ever created. And the reason is, this book isn’t about me. It’s about you. I believe we all have an important personal story. So I want to ask you a question: If you don’t capture your story, who else will? Maybe no one. That’s when I realized… The best camera in the world is the one that’s always in your pocket. [Click here to Tweet this]  You can take UHHMAAAZZZING, world-class images with your iPhone. The problem is… Most people approach iPhone photography like Russian roulette. Hoping to get good shots. I wrote this book to help people tell better stories with their photos; to load all the chambers and get them hitting the target every time. I couldn’t be more proud of a project and I’m stunned, honored and humbled by the response so far. Here’s what people are already saying about iPhone Only Photography: SHOOTING ESSENTIALS.   “I’ve recently been diagnosed with Early onset Alzheimers (I’m 53 yrs old). Your book has inspired me to use my iPhone more the ever to capture and record the moments while I still can enjoy doing so. I guess a part of photography is about recording memories and that’s something that will slowly slip away for me in time. So I... read more

My Top 3 Tips for Looking Your BEST in Photos

My Top 3 Tips for Looking Your BEST in Photos Have you ever hated the way you look in a photo? I give some of my best tips for looking your best in this interview I did with my fitness rockstar friend Suzanne Bowen. We talked about self image, photoshop and how you shouldn’t compare yourself to celebrities (because they’re not real). Enjoy! >> Check out Suzanne’s FREE streaming workouts here<< WHAT DO YOU DO TO LOOK YOUR BEST IN PHOTOS? ARE WE BEST EMAIL FRIENDS YET? Sign up to get your FREE eBOOK iPhone Only Photography: SHOOTING ESSENTIALS and weekly-ish tutorials and tips.... read more

Will You Help Pick My Book Cover?

Will You Help Pick My Book Cover? As many of you know, I’ve been working on the biggest most ambitious project I’ve ever set out to accomplish. For the past year and half, I’ve been writing my first book and it’s called iPHONEONLY PHOTOGRAPHY. There are two versions of the book:   1. ESSENTIALS 2. ADVANCED   You know, I wrote this book for my friends. So many of them kept asking me how I shot got the perfect exposure for that portrait or how I edit my sunsets to look “SO RADIANT”, etc. Over many a coffee meeting, online polls and evenings with a glass of Shiraz at my favorite vineyard, I found out what they wanted to know, and I made sure all those important things about iPhone Only Photography were captured in the book. The funny thing is, I kept realizing more and more things I wanted to add to it. I wrote the book I planned to write which is now the “ESSENTIALS” version. But that wasn’t enough to dig deep into the BEST ADVANCED SECRETS about iPhone Only Photography so I kept on writing. I ended up creating an extended book I now call the “ADVANCED” version with 5 EXTRA POWER PACKED CHAPTERS. The “ADVANCED” version is not for everyone though. It’s a book only for those elite people who really want to learn how to capture professional quality UHHHMAAAZZZING photos on their iPhones. Is that you? Since I have two versions, my amazing designer Lance Hart has been working on concepts that could work for both covers. Here are the directions we’ve landed on. These aren’t exactly final as we’ll tweak a bit... read more

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David Molnar is a celebrity, music and advertising photographer, the author of iPhone Only Photography, husband, believer, and new daddy. His work has been seen on over 28 million Pepsi and Mountain Dew cans, in People Magazine, on American Idol, and in The New York Times.



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