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Never Miss Capturing a Special Moment… Again.

Never Miss Capturing a Special Moment… Again. Have you ever been frustrated that you missed photographing a fleeting moment? Maybe it was stunning wildlife, a portrait when the light was just right, or a special moment of your child before she caught onto you. Here are 3 super practical tips to ensure you don’t miss that next once in a lifetime moment. 1. Instantly launch the camera app from the lock screen. Regardless of whether your phone has a passcode lock or not you can quickly and easily access your camera from the lock screen. The time you take from unlocking your phone (even without a passcode) and then open your favorite camera app can cause you to completely miss the moment. To open from the lockscreen, slide your finger up on the camera icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. This will instantly launch your camera app. 2. Lock the focus. So often we miss a moment because the darn autofocus doesn’t know what we want! You can solve this problem by locking the focus. To lock the focus. Simply touch the screen on your subject and hold for two seconds. Then you can shoot away without the focus changing. Just tap the screen again and it will reset back to autofocus. 3. Shoot in burst mode. Being a dad I know how hard it is to capture your kids when they are moving a gazillion miles an hour. It can be dificult to get a properly focused shot and capture just the right moment as well. One solution is to lock the focus, then shoot in burst mode by pressing and holding... read more


THE COMPOSITION SECRET WEAPON – LEADING LINES Have you ever been sucked right into an image? Kind of like a vacuum sucks up dust on a carpet, it’s almost as if we are obeying some powerful gravitational force that sucks our eyes towards a specific point… the subject of a well composed photograph. Well for many of those photos, we are being led by a mysterious force. It’s called leading lines. [Tweet “Leading lines are like a photographer’s secret weapon.”] But beware, if you use them incorrectly, you can absolutely ruin an otherwise beautiful photo misleading the viewer away. But don’t worry, I’ll “lead” you in the right direction by showing you some of the guidelines to follow so you don’t make those mistakes. You can think of leading lines like a pathway that is ending at or pointing right to your subject or focal point. Simply put, leading lines start near an edge and point to the subject. The most common (and possibly most awesome) use of leading lines is to have your subject placed symmetrically on a vanishing point between at least two lines that converge. In this photo there are multiple lines and they are all pointing to my subjects in the center of the photo. The subjects are actually my little boys playing on this bridge and placed as symmetrically as possible.   After multiple attempts to coarse a two year old, he finally perfectly centering between all the lines as he was running away from me. To correctly frame a well thought through photo that uses leading lines is hard! Especially if there are moving subjects. Take your time, think through... read more

Quick Announcement and a Favor

Quick Announcement and a Favor   I’m VERY close to finishing my long awaited iPhone Only Photography Online Course updated for iOS 8 and iPhone 6. I spent two years creating the original version of the course and people are absolutely loving it. It’s going to keep getting better and better and I am about to wrap up this new version. I’ll be releasing it mid December. This course will be entirely focused on taking the best photos possible with the best camera in the world. The one that’s already in your pocket. This “go at your own pace” 8 module online course includes over 5 hours of video lecture and tutorial content, a free copy of the eBook, downloadable photos to edit for tutorials, monthly live webinars, tons of bonuses and much, much more. It’s a complete brain dump of my best iPhone photography secrets.  These secrets are the result of years spent translating photography principles and tricks from my professional photography career and simplifying them for the iPhone. I am going to cover the three essentials to creating an amazing iPhone photo every single time, and when you’re done with the course, you’ll be able to shoot and edit: 1. PERFECT PORTRAITS in any lighting situation. 2. NIGHT-TIME & CONCERTS in tricky dark settings and then edit them to look even better. 3. FOOD that’ll cause your friends’ mouths to water. 4. LANDSCAPES that recreate the emotion of the experience to share with others. 5. PANORAMAS that don’t just look beautiful but tell a story. HOWEVER, I need your help. Before we finalize everything open up registration, I need to make sure I have... read more

[Part 3/3] The Three iOS 8 Shooting Essentials You Must Know

[Part 3/3] The Three iOS 8 Shooting Essentials You Must Know   Do you ever get the perfect focus (and brightness) while taking a photo only for the iPhone to recalculate and automatically change everything? In the first part of this series we talked about how to organize your favorite photos. The second part of the series we talk about How to get Get the perfect brightness in your iPhone photos and in this third and final part of the series we’re going to talk about :   How to Lock in the Perfect Focus and Brightness (so it doesn’t keep auto-adjusting)   The iPhone Camera sometimes has a mind of it’s own and it can be frustrating when it keeps auto-focusing.   This can be especially frustrating when shooting your kids or moving subjects when all you want to do is lock it in and keep shooting the same brightness and focus, without have to keep readjusting between each shot. What if there was an easy way to lock the iPhone camera so you can get every shot to turn out consistently the way you want? Well I have good news for you… There is! You can lock the exposure and focus so that the camera temporarily stops recalculating between shots and you can finally get every shot to turn out the way you want! Here’s how:   1. Press on the screen on your subject and hold for 2 seconds until you see writing come up on the top of the screen in a yellow box that says “AE/AF LOCK”. AE stand for Auto-exposure and AF stands for Auto-Focus and lock stands for… well, lock. This means that once... read more

[Part 2/3] The Three iOS 8 Shooting Essentials You Must Know

[Part 2/3] The Three iOS 8 Shooting Essentials You Must Know  [Part 2/3] How to get Get the perfect brightness in your iPhone photos (without editing)   Do you ever have photos that turn out too dark or too bright? I used to get super frustrated when I would take a photo and it didn’t do my subject justice. But that doesn’t happen anymore now that I know the best and easiest way to manually get the perfect exposure! Create the best iPhone photos possible by learning how to get the perfect brightness. Here’s how: [Tweet that]   What is EXPOSURE? A correct exposure is when the photograph looks the way the photographer intended it to look, which typically means not too bright (overexposed) and not too dark (underexposed). So let’s talk about how to get the exposure and focus you want in your pictures. Your iPhone is going to calculate the available light in your frame and try to determine the correct exposure. Sometimes, it will not produce the desired exposure, especially if you purposefully want a specific area brighter or darker. Manually control your iPhone camera in iOS 8. When a camera app is open, you can touch your screen and the camera will “auto” expose (adjust the brightness) and focus for that area. But what if the photo isn’t bright enough? Ahh… I’m glad you asked  Brand spankin’ newly built into iOS 8 is a manual exposure slider. This is a GAME CHANGER for serious iPhone Only Photographers! You can now manually alter the brightness (exposure) up to 4 times brighter or 4 times darker right in the built in Camera app. How?     1. Touch the... read more

[Part 1/3] The Three iOS 8 Shooting Essentials You Must Know

[Part 1/3] The Three iOS 8 Shooting Essentials You Must Know   iOS 8 has brought us some amazing new benefits in the iPhone Photography world and there are 3 specific game changers that you must know about to take seriously amazing iPhone photos.     Over the next 3 weeks I’m going to be releasing one part per week of this series of posts on “The Three iOS 8 Shooting Essentials You Must Know.”   So, lets get started! Part One: My “Favorite” Way to Sort and Organize my iPhone Photos.   Do you ever have a hard time remembering which photo was the best one? What about when scrolling back a thousand pictures ago and trying to pick the a photo to edit? It’s even worse when you are only looking at thumbnails in a third party editing app like Snapseed or VSCOcam trying to remember the best one. What if you could mark the best photos easily so that you will always know where they are? What if it was easy to figure out which photo you wanted to edit weeks or months later? Well you can! iOS 8 has changed the game and made organizing photos SOOO much more efficient. How is that? All you have to do is fill in the hole in that empty heart… when reviewing your photos. Here’s how: (Note: I recently wrote an article on how to find your favorite photos using iOS 7. If you haven’t updated to iOS 8 yet or don’t plan to for a while you should read this article too.)   1. Pick your favorites.   There is a nifty new option in the iOS 8 photos app. When you are reviewing photos, there is... read more

What you need to know about iPhone 6 (and iPhone 6 Plus)

What you need to know about iPhone 6 (and iPhone 6 Plus)   The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were announced this morning. I’m not going to lie, I’m excited about what these changes mean for the iPhone photography community. LARGER SCREENS, BETTER RESOLUTION, BETTER SENSOR, AND… BETTER SELFIES? The new iPhone 6 and 6 plus have larger screens, better resolution and a completely redesigned sensor that will make your photos better, clearer, crisper and more beautiful than ever. Here’s why: Better Sensor The newly designed iSight camera has a newly designed sensor with a new featured called focus pixels that will provide a better faster focus for both photo and video. New Exposure Control A new exposure control in iOS 8 lets you have (more) manual control over the exposure (brightness). But it doesn’t appear that you can separate the focus and exposure. Which is sad. But the good news is that it appears that all iPhones running iOS 8 will be able to have this feature and won’t be limited to the iPhone 6 and 6 plus. Auto image stabilization Auto image stabilization makes up for motion blur and hand shakiness by taking four photos with a short exposure time. Then the best parts of those photos are combined into one image with as little noise, subject motion, and hand shake as possible. FaceTime HD The front-facing FaceTime HD camera now captures 81 percent more light. It also has improved face detection. And its new burst mode takes 10 photos per second. Be prepared for 10x more selfies on Instagram. Improved HDR photos and video The new sensor enables beautiful HDR photos and video with great dynamic range, automatically... read more

How Large Can You Print iPhone Photos?

How Large Can You Print iPhone Photos? Are iPhone photos good enough quality to print?  The answer might surprise you… My friends ask me all the time how large they can print their iPhone photos. I even have people asking me if I can print my iPhone landscape shots for them on a canvas. I have to be honest, before I did research for this post I confess I didn’t really know. Just like you, I mostly use my iPhone photos online. Of course we print 4×6 prints for family at Christmas and stuff but how large can you realistically print the photos before you start losing quality? I’ve created this simple chart for reference. RECOMMENDED IPHONE PHOTO PRINT SIZES AND RESOLUTIONS   HOW TO USE THE CHART: The qualities are broken down into 3 types, Good, Better, and Best. For instance if you are shooting an iPhone 5s, the largest recommended size you can print for “Better Quality” is at a 16.32” x 12.24“. This means you could print a full resolution iPhone photo at a typical 8″ x 10″ or 11″x 14″ with no problems. See the chart below for more specifics. ( See more at:   Note: these numbers and recommendations are based on full quality iPhone photos that have not been reduced in size. If you shoot at a lower quality photo (with a third party app) or edit in a third party app like Instagram it may not be saving the full resolution image and these sizes are not relevant. I suggest you shoot with Camera+ at full resolution or the native Camera App. I recommend editing in Snapseed or VSCOcam. HAVE YOU... read more

The Secret to Perfect Black & White iPhone photos

The Secret to Perfect Black & White iPhone photos   I love how powerful B&W photos can be. [Tweet “B-and-W images can draw attention to what’s important by removing the distraction of color.”]  VSCOcam is one of my favorite apps to edit with and the best way to create B&W photos. You may want to pick up the Uhhhmaazzing free app. Here’s the tutorial: How do you create Black and White iPhone... read more

My Full 8 Chapter eBook is FINALLY Available! | iPhone Only Photography

My Full 8 Chapter eBook is FINALLY Available! | iPhone Only Photography   WOW! I’ve been dreaming of this since I decided to write my book iPhone Only Photography two frickin’ years ago! I’ve poured my heart and soul into this project and I couldn’t be more proud. It is truly my best work I’ve ever created. My full eight chapter book is finally ready!!! Start Taking World-Class Photos with Your iPhone Today! Go get it here at     Not convinced yet?   Have You Ever Seen Something Stunning but the Picture You Took Just Didn’t Do It Justice?   Well, I have some good news. You can take amazing photos with your iPhone. The problem is most people approach mobile photography like a game of Russian roulette, hoping to get lucky. But without the right skills and knowledge, it can be challenging to consistently produce photos that tell a great story. Some think they need to spend thousands of dollars on gear they don’t even know how to use and still end up with disappointing photos. How can you be different?   “Even as a professional photographer, I’ve still learned something new on every page in David’s book.” —Zach Gray   When You Follow This Proven Process…   You will consistently create stunning images by manually controlling your camera and taking the guesswork out of the results. You will make every image a piece of art by using strong composition techniques. You will be able to recreate the feelings you felt when you were first inspired to take the photo. In short, this process will load all the “chambers” with the bullets you need, teaching you how to hit the target every time! How do I know this? Because that’s what I did. As a... read more

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David Molnar is a celebrity, music and advertising photographer, the author of iPhone Only Photography, husband, believer, and new daddy. His work has been seen on over 28 million Pepsi and Mountain Dew cans, in People Magazine, on American Idol, and in The New York Times.



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