7 reasons WHY you should get inspired by Jeremy Cowart (on his LifeFinder tour)

Recently, my wife Tammy and I spent a weekend in CA sipping coffee, soaking up inspiration, cracking jokes and staying up late at night viciously competing at Sequence and Monopoly Deal with Jeremy, his wife Shannon and their ridiculously cute kids. We had such an amazing time that I decided to write this blog about how I am inspired by Jeremy Cowart and why you should be too.

Portrait of Jeremy Cowart I took in Malibu, CA.

1. He is a ridiculously AMAZING Photographer.
He has photographed top celebrities and musicians all over the world and made them look way cooler than they should. Treat yourself to some eye candy and visit http://jeremycowart.com/


2. He is changing the world. 

Jeremy is the Founder of Help-Portrait which is a global movement of photographers using their time, gear and expertise to give back to those in need. Help-Portrait has given 101,596 portraits to people in need by 10,574 photographers at over a 1000 locations in 54 different countries. You can be a part of Help-Portrait as well on Dec. 10th.  More details here: http://help-portrait.com/


3. He is a visionary.

Jeremy fills his Evernote with new ideas about ways he can push the envelope in his personal career or give back to those in need through projects like Voices of Haiti and his Humanitarian work in Africa. Check out this incredible article written by Jeremy about forgiveness in Rwanda featured on CNN.com: http://religion.blogs.cnn.com/2011/11/07/my-take-if-rwandans-can-forgive-killings-we-can-forgive-the-waitress/


4. He is one of the most inspiring people you will ever talk to.

Conversations with Jeremy are somehow spun so that you are inspired to intentionally live and create purposefully. He challenges me with stories and illustrations of people making a difference. He is a continuous stream of inspiration as he never stops looking for fresh inspiration from various places.


5. He is a goofball.

Every time we get together we bring out the cheesiest dad jokes in each other, or should I say the best! His presentations are bound to be laced with cheesy puns & amazing humor.

6. He is the real deal!
I first met Jeremy 5 or 6 years ago assisting him on his shoots. I then spent the next 1.5 years traveling all over with him, cracking cheesy jokes, setting up lights, downloading photos, eating Mexican food and watching him interact with his subjects from Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift to Michael W. Smith. When people ask me about Jeremy Cowart, I tell them he is BRILLIANT. But, that it isn't about his lighting, composition or technical skills in photoshop. Jeremy Cowart is an IDEAS GUY with a big heart. That is what makes him brilliant. I remember assisting on shoots thinking how the heck is he going to pull something cool off with this person, in this location. Yet, he would never cease to amaze me with his continual dose of awesomeness.

7. What can I say…he took this hotttt photo of me:

And guess what? You too can be personally inspired by Jeremy Cowart by attending one of his LifeFinder Tour dates! It's only $179 and you get to bring a friend for FREE. You don't want to miss this opportunity. Find out more info here: http://jeremycowart.com/2011/11/lifefinder-tour/


Upcoming dates:


12.02 – Seattle

12.05 – New York City

12.07 – Chicago

12.13 – Nashville

12.17 – Atlanta

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