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Should You Put Your Pricing on Your Website?

The question of whether or not to display your pricing on your photography site is a scandalous debate…


Showing your pricing on your site can do a few things – it can qualify your leads, so you know they can afford you and it can also also prevent potential clients from contacting you because of sticker shock.

Some clients may still contact you, but if your pricing is $4,000 to shoot a wedding and it’s not in their budget, they’ll be too scared to contact you at all.

On the other hand…

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How to Create the Best Photography Portfolio

Curating your photography portfolio is one of the most important things you’ll do for your website, and many people are doing it wrong.

Here’s why:
Let’s take a photographer, we’ll call her Susie. Susie loves shooting weddings, family portraits, and senior portraits. Susie hates shooting babies. So how should she set up her portfolio?

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The Most Important Page on your Photography Website Is…

If you asked ten of your friends what the most important page on your website is, chances are you’d get a bunch of different answers.

Some would say it’s your Portfolio. You’re a photographer after all! What good is your website if it doesn’t show off your work?

Others would insist it’s your Contact page. You can’t book any work if they can’t contact you.

Still others would believe it’s your Pricing page. A person who can’t afford you is a useless lead, right?

They’re all wrong.

The Most Important Page on your Photo Website is…

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JPEG is the most popular format for digital images in the entire world. Every digital camera that exists today, shoots JPEGs. But is that the format of images you should be shooting if you want to make the photos look amazing when you edit the image afterwards? I just...

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How to break the ice (before a photo shoot)

Getting your portrait taken is an extremely vulnerable position to be in.

It can be stressful, uncomfortable and frankly quite intimidating. Whether you’re shooting a senior portrait, corporate headshot or a big time celebrity, we all have our insecurities.

It’s your job as the photographer to recognize that, disarm the situation and get your subjects having fun.

Here are five things you can do to make your clients feel more comfortable (and take amazing photos of them)

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You HAVE to see these iPhone photos from last night…

Last night was one of the most epic evenings my family has ever experienced. It was a glorious two hour long sunset on the sharky NC coast with storms suspended all around us like we were in some sort of a "good weather" bubble.   If you follow me on instagram, you...

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6 Tips For Amazing iPhone Photos of Fireworks

Can you shoot great iPhone photos of fireworks without any extra fancy accessories or specialty apps? The answer may surprise you... The best possible fireworks photos that you could shoot on an iPhone would require you utilizing a tripod and an app like Slowshutter....

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Never Miss Capturing a Special Moment… Again.

Have you ever been frustrated that you missed photographing a fleeting moment? Maybe it was stunning wildlife, a portrait when the light was just right, or a special moment of your child before she caught onto you. Here are 3 super practical tips to ensure you don’t...

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Do you want to Master Your Camera?

3 Simple Steps to Demystify Your DSLR Camera

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Do you want to Master Your Camera?

3 Simple Steps to Demystify Your DSLR Camera