You HAVE to see these iPhone photos from last night…

You HAVE to see these iPhone photos from last night… Last night was one of the most epic evenings my family has ever experienced. It was a glorious two hour long sunset on the sharky NC coast with storms suspended all around us like we were in some sort of a “good weather” bubble.   If you follow me on instagram, you might already know it’s family reunion beach week with my whole immediate family. Last night we laughed, splashed, surfed and played in the ocean until the sky lit up with a radiant sunset. It was an evening that I want to remember forever! I believe you have an important story. Are you capturing and preserving ALL the best moments? I’m so thankful I had the right tools (and training) to capture the story that is and will be so precious to my family from last night. The most important tool recently being the underwater housing from Watershot for my iPhone. Without it most of these photos wouldn’t exist. My phone would have sat dry up on the beach. Are you missing epic moments that should be captured because you don’t have a waterproof housing for your iPhone? CLICK HERE to find out more about Watershot Housing for iPhone. The following shots were all captured with my Watershot housing for iPhone 6 in the last 48 hours. Enjoy!   My sister Robin Surfing. My mom and Christian getting some fun in the sun.   My brother in law Forest Surfing.   Selfie of me surfing.         Me surfing captured by Forest. My being lazy.   Starting my son Judah out right. Learning to surf at 2... Read More

My Full 8 Chapter eBook is FINALLY Available! | iPhone Only Photography

My Full 8 Chapter eBook is FINALLY Available! | iPhone Only Photography   WOW! I’ve been dreaming of this since I decided to write my book iPhone Only Photography two frickin’ years ago! I’ve poured my heart and soul into this project and I couldn’t be more proud. It is truly my best work I’ve ever created. My full eight chapter book is finally ready!!! Start Taking World-Class Photos with Your iPhone Today! Go get it here at     Not convinced yet?   Have You Ever Seen Something Stunning but the Picture You Took Just Didn’t Do It Justice?   Well, I have some good news. You can take amazing photos with your iPhone. The problem is most people approach mobile photography like a game of Russian roulette, hoping to get lucky. But without the right skills and knowledge, it can be challenging to consistently produce photos that tell a great story. Some think they need to spend thousands of dollars on gear they don’t even know how to use and still end up with disappointing photos. How can you be different?   “Even as a professional photographer, I’ve still learned something new on every page in David’s book.” —Zach Gray   When You Follow This Proven Process…   You will consistently create stunning images by manually controlling your camera and taking the guesswork out of the results. You will make every image a piece of art by using strong composition techniques. You will be able to recreate the feelings you felt when you were first inspired to take the photo. In short, this process will load all the “chambers” with the bullets you need, teaching you how to hit the target every time! How do I know this? Because that’s what I did. As a... Read More

What people are saying about my FREE eBOOK.

What people are saying about my FREE eBOOK.   I can’t even believe it! Over SEVEN THOUSAND PEOPLE have already downloaded my eBook iPhone Only Photography: SHOOTING ESSENTIALS! Download your FREE copy by clicking here! (If you haven’t yet)   Why does this book exist? In case you have no idea what this is all about, I spent the last two years of my life working on this project. It’s undeniably the best and most important work I’ve ever created. And the reason is, this book isn’t about me. It’s about you. I believe we all have an important personal story. So I want to ask you a question: If you don’t capture your story, who else will? Maybe no one. That’s when I realized… The best camera in the world is the one that’s always in your pocket. [Click here to Tweet this]  You can take UHHMAAAZZZING, world-class images with your iPhone. The problem is… Most people approach iPhone photography like Russian roulette. Hoping to get good shots. I wrote this book to help people tell better stories with their photos; to load all the chambers and get them hitting the target every time. I couldn’t be more proud of a project and I’m stunned, honored and humbled by the response so far. Here’s what people are already saying about iPhone Only Photography: SHOOTING ESSENTIALS.   “I’ve recently been diagnosed with Early onset Alzheimers (I’m 53 yrs old). Your book has inspired me to use my iPhone more the ever to capture and record the moments while I still can enjoy doing so. I guess a part of photography is about recording memories and that’s something that will slowly slip away for me in time. So I... Read More

How I read 46 books in one year

How I read 46 books in one year People are astonished when I tell them how many books I have read. Especially my mom. You couldn’t have bribed me for money or chocolate to read a book growing up. Can you blame me? There was world class surfing a few blocks away. When people ask me why I read so much now,  I jokingly say “I’m overcompensating for not going to college.” (I have to get my education from somewhere if I want to change the world.) Well, maybe it started off that way, but that cannot be the truth now. I’m infatuated with reading. Whether it be a cutting edge business book, a time tested 1000 page classic novel, or the latest distopian quick read trilogy. Reading has become one of my absolute favorite past times and a daily part of my life. It’s hard to give people the “reading bug.” It does take a bug to turn a non-reader into a reader. I’ve found that a good “can’t put this down series can help” turn someone into a reader. But once you do have the bug, you can learn how to find the time to read as much as you want. How do I find the time? Here’s the answer. My 5 secrets to reading everything you’ve ever wanted: 1. Read at night. The kids are finally asleep and you finally have a moment to wind down. You just watched a tv show and you need to rest your eyes from a screen so you pick up your paperback or kindle (Not ipad, kindle fire or backlit screen. Those are bad for your eyes and... Read More

The 3 Reasons Why I’m Upgrading to the iPhone 5s

The best camera in the world… just got even better. All of my iPhone images I’ve posted in the past 2 years have been from my iPhone 4s. If you’ve followed me on Instagram or Facebook you would know that I love creating iPhoneONLY art. I also try to document our personal story wherever we go. I believe the best camera in the world is the camera that is always in your pocket. For me (and probably you) that’s my iPhone. Here are the 3 reasons why I’m excited about the 5s and why you can be too… 1. The New Larger Sensor | Better Lighting in Dark Settings Many people including myself were a bit upset that the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s all still have only an 8 megapixel camera like the iPhone 4s. Admittedly, that’s a huge reason why I didn’t upgrade to the 5 from my 4s immediately. My 4s takes incredible pictures. Why did I need just a slightly better camera if they are both 8 megapixels? The answer for me now is that the iPhone 5s has made HUGE improvements to its sensor. The new sensor which is the part of the camera that actually records the light is 15% larger. This will allow a 33% increase in overall light sensitivity which means you can take better pictures in darker situations. THIS IS GREAT! I love the following description of it… “Think of this as holding a thimble in a rain storm to try to catch water. The bigger your thimble, the easier it is to catch more drops in a... Read More