Elaine Faye in Malibu, CA | Indie Artist | #neverbeenblogged

I have so many photo shoots that I have never blogged and I've been itching to share them. So… I'm going to start. I'll hashtag the blogposts #neverbeenblogged. Here we go. Hold me accountable, please. I could post a new shoot everyday that I've never blogged for the next 100 days. I need to start doing this. I need to get them “on paper”…

Elaine Faye is one of our dear friends who is making waves with her music in SoCal. She is a brilliant songwriter and artist. You should check out her most recent music video “Mama's Lessons”.  Elaine and Tammy are actually former room mates.The girls are super close and we have visited her often in Southern Cal. Last time we were in LA we took an hour and did this impromptu photo shoot in Malibu with her. Malibu if you've never been, is such a cool, vibey and stunning part of the west coast. GO THERE! We found all sorts of eclectic and interesting garage doors and scenic backgrounds with within a few hundred yards of each other. Of course Elaine is gorgeous, funny and incredibly photogenic so it's impossible to take a bad photo of her!

Here are some of our favorite shots from her shoot.



Here are some extra and behind the scenes shots that are unedited but I thought I would include them anyway.



Tammy and Elaine, besties and former room mates.

Check out Elaine's music:




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