My 18 favorite photos from our New Years Eve Party

On New Years Eve Tammy, myself and great friends David and Samantha Bean threw one Kick A Party in our shared studio, West Light Studios. (“A” stands for AWESOME)


The four very serious hosts.

This photo of my hawt wife is one of my favorites for obvious reasons…

The girls getting crazy.

I think Jaz Boon is the lead role in this new drama on ABC. Season finale Spoiler alert, Katy Maki  doesn't die in the second episode and will return in season 3 😉 (Abner does have a clue, and Amanda actually does like his hand on her shoulder.) David Bean gets killed in season 9 too many…

Hotties, Jeremy and Shannon Cowart, Brandi Maclaren and Myrick Cowart posing for mom in this one.

Too much talent and good looks to list in this photo. There's like 11 “A-list” photographers in this one! (Hint Jeremy CowartMyrick Cowart, David Bean,Yours truly, Brandi Maclaren, Samantha Bean, Tammy Molnar and Shannon Cowart)

Here is a sweet photo of Will and Kristen. (Will wouldn't let me post any of the other goofy ones) Male models are always conscientious. Sheesh!

Holy Dancers! Sam and Tink. Stephanie and Isaac!  Literally got the Dance party started when they arrived.

Besties Nick and Tricia. Nick likes to pretend he's preggo too.

No caption needed to describe this group. Hilarious!

We always want us some “Moore”. Tammy and I with amazing buds, Greg and Abbey Moore. Check out their Music!

Got to snag a goofy shot with the Baumhardts!

Two of our lovely hosts and rockstar photographers David and Samantha Bean!

One of my favorite people in the world. Nick Ray CEO of ModerNash. We started this little company over a cup of coffee in my kitchen and Nick has taken it and run with it! He needs to step up his chess game though 😉

The best next door neighbors and friends anyone could ever ask for! Matt and Hilary Barnett! Hey can I borrow some milk?

Taylor and Lauren Jones! Taylor loves Lauren more than his bourbon. I promise!

GRACE CENTER Folks!!! Love these kids!

And of course I wanted to save the best for last. Jeremy and Shannon were initiated into our club. The Breast Cancer awareness club. Welcome folks!

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