How To Get Started With David Molnar’s Photography Courses (+ FREE Training)

Do you feel regretful when you think about the camera that’s been collecting dust in storage?

Are you not only curious about its settings, but ready to master it with confidence?

Do you dream of the day when you’re finally proud of the photos you take?

Hi! I’m David Molnar. SO many of my students could identify with all of these feelings before taking my free training, Show Your Camera Who’s Boss.

It is by far the most popular webinar I offer, and the results are staggering.

Show Your Camera Who’s Boss is 100% free and will set you up for success with your camera for years to come (in a little over an hour’s time).

While I do have a host of paid online courses for further photography education, I recommend the free training first, for a few specific reasons:

1. My goal in this free class is to lay the groundwork for a firm understanding of your DSLR or mirrorless camera so you can start shooting confidently in manual mode!

2. The free training gives you the opportunity to decide if you like my teaching style before you dive into the courses! I like to break things down simply, use hands-on examples, and avoid complicated tech jargon so YOU can learn quickly and easily.

3. I may or may not offer attendees a special deal on my courses. You'll be glad you showed up… 😉

If you’ve already mastered your camera but want to learn something else, I have a handful of other paths for you to take.

Whether you want to learn how to:

  • edit like a pro,
  • shoot pro-quality portraits,
  • build a professional photography website, or
  • shoot & edit amazing iPhone photos,

there’s something here for you.

You can pick a different path right HERE!

I’m excited to help you pursue YOUR photography dreams, as I have with tens of thousands of other students!

It’s never too late to dust off that camera and start pursuing your dreams.

I'll help you!

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