Learn the basics of Photoshop in short order with this intro course to this powerful program! 

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The Photoshop 101 Course is designed to take you from zero to sixty with your Photoshop skills – all in one hour!  This bite-size course brings a step-by-step walkthrough of each feature, tool, and their functionality. You'll come out ready to explore essential Photoshop features with confidence.

David Molnar

Course instructor and Founder of The Photo Mentorship. David is a celebrity and advertising photographer, believer and family man. His work has been seen on millions of Pepsi cans, in People Magazine, on American Idol, and in The New York Times. His clients include Google, Pepsi, & Sony among many others. He now helps tens of thousands of photographers pursue THEIR dreams by creating world-class photo education, inspiration & resources here at The Photo Mentorship.

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