Thousand Foot Krutch Official Photo Shoot | Welcome to the Masquerade

I never got a chance to blog about my shoot with Thousand Foot Krutch in NYC… so I'm finally doing it!

I was delayed flying into NYC and landed at the same time as my friend Tricia Baumhardt who was doing make-up for the shoot. It then took several more pointless hours to finally get our rental car at about 2:30am and of course my call time was early in the am at the studio. It was one of those nights where I just said to myself … “OK, tomorrow I will consume 4 gallons of coffee.”

After what seemed like a quick blink, I awoke and met my friend and assistant for the day Matt Harrington. We drove around to check out the locations that he scouted for me and then we went to the studio. I also had my cousin John Quense come from NJ and assist me. John had a very humorous moment when a restauranteer was egging his car for parking in front of the restaurant. We all watched as he just stooed there saying “THAT'S MY … CAR!” under is breath…

We spent most of the day in the studio.  Because we were planning for composites we shot the guys mostly individually. That way we could piece together the perfect photos and mix and match expressions.

My friend Trevor “Tee” McNevan is the frontman and mastermind behind the rock band. He is also a brilliant writer and producer for tons of other bands.   To find out more info about the band check out their website Trevor's side project “FM Static” is slightly softer than TFK  with a more pop-punk feel. I did a shoot for that project but, I'll blog more about that later.

The other band members Steve, Joel are hilarious and we had a blast goofing off all day.

The shoot was for packaging and promotion for their current record “Welcome to the Masquerade”. The cover was designed by Ryan Clark of for Tooth and Nail Records.


I shot all the band members individually and composited this shot on all white.

This is my favorite shot from the shoot. Ryan Clark did the composite work.
A location we found in Brooklyn.

Some behind the scenes shots that John Quense took.

Attempting to shoot the whole band together.

Shooting Trevor for some of his individual shots.

Pulled back view of the lighting set up.

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