How to Make A Brand Guide For Your Website

How to Make A Brand Guide For Your Website Hey! I’m Melissa Love from The Design Space and I’m thrilled to be guest blogging for my good friend, David Molnar. We’re working on some fun website projects together, so we thought it would be a good time to share some easy but professional design techniques with you that you can use for your next creative project. Are you starting to think about building a website? Itching to dive in and get started? Wait right there a minute. I want to make sure you’ve got a beautiful brand guide to help you make the right design decisions when it comes to building a website. You might be planning to hire a graphic designer to create your logo or maybe you’re going to do it yourself. Whichever way you choose, a brand guide is your road map to making sure you create a consistent look and feel both on and offline. I’ve put together a short video, walking you through the basics as well as a layered Photoshop file that you can download and use to create your own brand guide. You can see what it looks like right below the video (which also contains a step-by-step demonstration of how to use it). If you have any questions about brand guides, make sure you leave a comment. I’d love to help! Melissa     DOWLOAD THE BRAND GUIDE FILE... Read More

Should You Put Your Pricing on Your Website?

Should You Put Your Pricing on Your Website? The question of whether or not to display your pricing on your photography site is a scandalous debate… Showing your pricing on your site can do a few things – it can qualify your leads, so you know they can afford you and it can also also prevent potential clients from contacting you because of sticker shock.   Some clients may still contact you, but if your pricing is $4,000 to shoot a wedding and it’s not in their budget, they’ll be too scared to contact you at all. On the other hand, if you charge $1,000 to shoot a wedding potential clients might be suspicious of that low of a price, especially if the average rate is much higher in your area. They won’t be sure if they can trust you. They may not be confident in how professional or experienced you really are. If your pricing is on the low end of your local market, and you’re okay with being cheaper, then it can also benefit you to post your pricing on your site. You’ll attract more inquiries, and probably book more work. It’s not a good long term strategy, but if you’re a new photographer, this can help you get through the initial period of building your portfolio and your business. And if you’re selling prints, posting those prices online is important. Prints are a commodity, a hard cost. Show those prices. So the burning question… Do I or did I display my pricing? NO. I don’t display my pricing on my site. There was a time when I had  “packages starting at…”  on my website, back when we... Read More

How to Create the Best Photography Portfolio

How to Create the Best Photography Portfolio Curating your photography portfolio is one of the most important things you’ll do for your website, and many people are doing it wrong.   Here’s why: Let’s take a photographer, we’ll call her Susie. Susie loves shooting weddings, family portraits, and senior portraits. Susie hates shooting babies.  So how should she set up her portfolio? Only show what you want to sell. If you want photograph weddings, don’t include pictures of bands. If you don’t want to photograph babies, don’t show pictures of babies.  Don’t put your amazing product photos in your portfolio, if you hate shooting product photos. Susie just doesn’t want to photograph babies, so there shouldn’t be a single image of a baby anywhere on her site. You only need ten to twenty images in each gallery. You don’t need to show an entire wedding from start to finish in your portfolio. You don’t need to show an entire portrait session. Your portfolio is a collection of your very best work. Susie’s site should start with a featured gallery on the homepage, with two to three amazing, take your breath away photos from each of the types of sessions she likes to do. These images should be blended together so that someone won’t get all the wedding images at once, but so they can clearly see the variety within six to nine images of her very best work. Create clear categories. Susie will have three categories. You might have less, but you should try not to have more. In each category, you still have to follow rule #2 – no more than ten to twenty images per gallery. Do... Read More

The Most Important Page on your Photography Website Is…

The Most Important Page on your Photography Website Is… If you asked ten of your friends what the most important page on your website is, chances are you’d get a bunch of different answers. Some would say it’s your Portfolio. You’re a photographer after all! What good is your website if it doesn’t show off your work? Others would insist it’s your Contact page. You can’t book any work if they can’t contact you. Still others would believe it’s your Pricing page. A person who can’t afford you is a useless lead, right? They’re all wrong. The most important page on your photography website is your About page. It’s also often the most neglected page, the page you’ll find a “Coming soon” message on for months, or even years, or the page that includes a super artsy (and barely understandable) description of you, your feelings and how your art can be found in the meaning of the Earth, nothing that a potential client really cares about. The truth is, people want to know who you are, what you look like, and whether they like you. Can they trust you? Are you someone they feel comfortable enough to navigate them through what is quite possibly one of the most vulnerable times in their life? (Being in front of the camera.) As photographers, we should anticipate seeing people in their most open and insecure state. Your About page is the best way you can show them that they’re going to feel comfortable, and not judged. Your About page will be your invitation to like-minded clients, but only if it’s authentically telling them about who you truly are. For example, let’s... Read More

The World’s BEST Wireless iPhone Flash: The Bluetooth triggered Nova Flash.

The World’s BEST Wireless iPhone Flash: The Bluetooth triggered Nova Flash. I’m not an advocate of using your iPhone flash. Mostly because it looks TERRIBLE. But what about a wireless off-camera flash? HECK YES! I’ve been testing out the Nova Flash for months now and I love it! It’s the only flash for the iPhone that I can absolutely recommend. >Check out the Nova Flash on Amazon< Here’s a video tutorial showing you how simple it is to use. HINT: You just open the app, hold up the flash and shoot amazing portraits. 🙂  ... Read More

Never Miss Capturing a Special Moment… Again.

Never Miss Capturing a Special Moment… Again. Have you ever been frustrated that you missed photographing a fleeting moment? Maybe it was stunning wildlife, a portrait when the light was just right, or a special moment of your child before she caught onto you. Here are 3 super practical tips to ensure you don’t miss that next once in a lifetime moment. 1. Instantly launch the camera app from the lock screen. Regardless of whether your phone has a passcode lock or not you can quickly and easily access your camera from the lock screen. The time you take from unlocking your phone (even without a passcode) and then open your favorite camera app can cause you to completely miss the moment. To open from the lockscreen, slide your finger up on the camera icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. This will instantly launch your camera app. 2. Lock the focus. So often we miss a moment because the darn autofocus doesn’t know what we want! You can solve this problem by locking the focus. To lock the focus. Simply touch the screen on your subject and hold for two seconds. Then you can shoot away without the focus changing. Just tap the screen again and it will reset back to autofocus. 3. Shoot in burst mode. Being a dad I know how hard it is to capture your kids when they are moving a gazillion miles an hour. It can be dificult to get a properly focused shot and capture just the right moment as well. One solution is to lock the focus, then shoot in burst mode by pressing and holding... Read More