[Part 1/3] The Three iOS 8 Shooting Essentials You Must Know


iOS 8 has brought us some amazing new benefits in the iPhone Photography world and there are 3 specific game changers that you must know about to take seriously amazing iPhone photos.




Over the next 3 weeks I’m going to be releasing one part per week of this series of posts on “The Three iOS 8 Shooting Essentials You Must Know.”


So, lets get started!

Part One: My “Favorite” Way to Sort and Organize my iPhone Photos.


Do you ever have a hard time remembering which photo was the best one?

What about when scrolling back a thousand pictures ago and trying to pick the a photo to edit? It’s even worse when you are only looking at thumbnails in a third party editing app like Snapseed or VSCOcam trying to remember the best one.

What if you could mark the best photos easily so that you will always know where they are? What if it was easy to figure out which photo you wanted to edit weeks or months later? Well you can!

iOS 8 has changed the game and made organizing photos SOOO much more efficient. How is that?

All you have to do is fill in the hole in that empty heart… when reviewing your photos. Here's how:

(Note: I recently wrote an article on how to find your favorite photos using iOS 7. If you haven’t updated to iOS 8 yet or don’t plan to for a while you should read this article too.)


1. Pick your favorites.


There is a nifty new option in the iOS 8 photos app. When you are reviewing photos, there is now a “heart” in the bottom center of screen. Simply press the “heart” icon to automatically add photos quickly and easily into the new automatically created “Favorites” album that is conveniently built into iOS 8.



You don’t have to wait 'til later by the way. You can do this immediately after capturing an image you really like. Simply click the photo review in the bottom left corner of the native camera app, hit the heart icon, and quickly and toggle back to the camera to continue shooting. This way you won’t have to wonder later which shot felt good in the moment.



2. Review your favorites in their own special album.


Once you press the heart icon on any number of photos, you can review your favorites in the favorites album. iOS 8 automagically generates this album with only the photos you’ve marked as your favorites so that they are SUPER easy to find later. (note: it organizes them by the date you shot the photos, not by when you added them to the favorites folder)



3. Easily find photos in an editing app.


When you open an editing app like Snapseed to pick a photo, simply open up the favorites folder and pick the preselected image. It will be much easier to find now that the photos are narrowed down and you're not filtering through thousands of photos.


Stay tuned for part 2 and 3 of “The Three iOS 8 Shooting Essentials You Must Know.”


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