The World’s BEST Wireless iPhone Flash: The Bluetooth triggered Nova Flash.

The World’s BEST Wireless iPhone Flash: The Bluetooth triggered Nova Flash. I’m not an advocate of using your iPhone flash. Mostly because it looks TERRIBLE. But what about a wireless off-camera flash? HECK YES! I’ve been testing out the Nova Flash for months now and I love it! It’s the only flash for the iPhone that I can absolutely recommend. >Check out the Nova Flash on Amazon< Here’s a video tutorial showing you how simple it is to use. HINT: You just open the app, hold up the flash and shoot amazing portraits. 🙂  ... Read More

6 Tips For Amazing iPhone Photos of Fireworks

6 Tips For Amazing iPhone Photos of Fireworks Can you shoot great iPhone photos of fireworks without any extra fancy accessories or specialty apps? The answer may surprise you… The best possible fireworks photos that you could shoot on an iPhone would require you utilizing a tripod and an app like Slowshutter. If you use Slowshutter’s light trails setting and shoot a bunch of photos you should get some AWESOME SHOTS. But Slowshutter absolutely won’t work if you don’t have a tripod for your iPhone like Joby’s Gorillapod. Best iPhone photos of FIREWORKS = Tripod + Slowshutter app. Here’s how: – Get close enough to the fireworks. – Set-up your iPhone tripod. – Open up Slowshutter. – Set up your Shutter app on a slight delay timer so you don’t shake the camera when you push the shutter button. – You can also, plug in your headphones and press the Volume + button as a remote – Shoot a bunch of photos.   What if I don’t have a tripod?   If you don’t have a tripod or any way to “Macgyver” your iPhone to stay perfectly still, then here are 6 tips to take better iPhone photos of Fireworks. 1. Use Focus/ Exposure Lock to lock in your focus. At night it’s hard to focus. Your phone could be going in and out of focus for a while trying to get locked onto something. Especially when things are moving. To lock the focus/ exposure: – Open your iPhone’s Camera app. – Wait til there are some bright fireworks going off then press your screen right on top of the fireworks and hold on your screen until the focus/... Read More

Never Miss Capturing a Special Moment… Again.

Never Miss Capturing a Special Moment… Again. Have you ever been frustrated that you missed photographing a fleeting moment? Maybe it was stunning wildlife, a portrait when the light was just right, or a special moment of your child before she caught onto you. Here are 3 super practical tips to ensure you don’t miss that next once in a lifetime moment. 1. Instantly launch the camera app from the lock screen. Regardless of whether your phone has a passcode lock or not you can quickly and easily access your camera from the lock screen. The time you take from unlocking your phone (even without a passcode) and then open your favorite camera app can cause you to completely miss the moment. To open from the lockscreen, slide your finger up on the camera icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. This will instantly launch your camera app. 2. Lock the focus. So often we miss a moment because the darn autofocus doesn’t know what we want! You can solve this problem by locking the focus. To lock the focus. Simply touch the screen on your subject and hold for two seconds. Then you can shoot away without the focus changing. Just tap the screen again and it will reset back to autofocus. 3. Shoot in burst mode. Being a dad I know how hard it is to capture your kids when they are moving a gazillion miles an hour. It can be dificult to get a properly focused shot and capture just the right moment as well. One solution is to lock the focus, then shoot in burst mode by pressing and holding... Read More


THE COMPOSITION SECRET WEAPON – LEADING LINES Have you ever been sucked right into an image? Kind of like a vacuum sucks up dust on a carpet, it’s almost as if we are obeying some powerful gravitational force that sucks our eyes towards a specific point… the subject of a well composed photograph. Well for many of those photos, we are being led by a mysterious force. It’s called leading lines. [Tweet “Leading lines are like a photographer’s secret weapon.”] But beware, if you use them incorrectly, you can absolutely ruin an otherwise beautiful photo misleading the viewer away. But don’t worry, I’ll “lead” you in the right direction by showing you some of the guidelines to follow so you don’t make those mistakes. You can think of leading lines like a pathway that is ending at or pointing right to your subject or focal point. Simply put, leading lines start near an edge and point to the subject. The most common (and possibly most awesome) use of leading lines is to have your subject placed symmetrically on a vanishing point between at least two lines that converge. In this photo there are multiple lines and they are all pointing to my subjects in the center of the photo. The subjects are actually my little boys playing on this bridge and placed as symmetrically as possible.   After multiple attempts to coarse a two year old, he finally perfectly centering between all the lines as he was running away from me. To correctly frame a well thought through photo that uses leading lines is hard! Especially if there are moving subjects. Take your time, think through... Read More

Quick Announcement and a Favor

Quick Announcement and a Favor   I’m VERY close to finishing my long awaited iPhone Only Photography Online Course updated for iOS 8 and iPhone 6. I spent two years creating the original version of the course and people are absolutely loving it. It’s going to keep getting better and better and I am about to wrap up this new version. I’ll be releasing it mid December. This course will be entirely focused on taking the best photos possible with the best camera in the world. The one that’s already in your pocket. This “go at your own pace” 8 module online course includes over 5 hours of video lecture and tutorial content, a free copy of the eBook, downloadable photos to edit for tutorials, monthly live webinars, tons of bonuses and much, much more. It’s a complete brain dump of my best iPhone photography secrets.  These secrets are the result of years spent translating photography principles and tricks from my professional photography career and simplifying them for the iPhone. I am going to cover the three essentials to creating an amazing iPhone photo every single time, and when you’re done with the course, you’ll be able to shoot and edit: 1. PERFECT PORTRAITS in any lighting situation. 2. NIGHT-TIME & CONCERTS in tricky dark settings and then edit them to look even better. 3. FOOD that’ll cause your friends’ mouths to water. 4. LANDSCAPES that recreate the emotion of the experience to share with others. 5. PANORAMAS that don’t just look beautiful but tell a story. HOWEVER, I need your help. Before we finalize everything open up registration, I need to make sure I have... Read More

[Part 3/3] The Three iOS 8 Shooting Essentials You Must Know

[Part 3/3] The Three iOS 8 Shooting Essentials You Must Know   Do you ever get the perfect focus (and brightness) while taking a photo only for the iPhone to recalculate and automatically change everything? In the first part of this series we talked about how to organize your favorite photos. The second part of the series we talk about How to get Get the perfect brightness in your iPhone photos and in this third and final part of the series we’re going to talk about :   How to Lock in the Perfect Focus and Brightness (so it doesn’t keep auto-adjusting)   The iPhone Camera sometimes has a mind of it’s own and it can be frustrating when it keeps auto-focusing.   This can be especially frustrating when shooting your kids or moving subjects when all you want to do is lock it in and keep shooting the same brightness and focus, without have to keep readjusting between each shot. What if there was an easy way to lock the iPhone camera so you can get every shot to turn out consistently the way you want? Well I have good news for you… There is! You can lock the exposure and focus so that the camera temporarily stops recalculating between shots and you can finally get every shot to turn out the way you want! Here’s how:   1. Press on the screen on your subject and hold for 2 seconds until you see writing come up on the top of the screen in a yellow box that says “AE/AF LOCK”. AE stand for Auto-exposure and AF stands for Auto-Focus and lock stands for… well, lock. This means that once... Read More