Never Miss Capturing a Special Moment… Again.

Have you ever been frustrated that you missed photographing a fleeting moment?


Maybe it was stunning wildlife, a portrait when the light was just right, or a special moment of your child before she caught onto you.

Here are 3 super practical tips to ensure you don’t miss that next once in a lifetime moment.

1. Instantly launch the camera app from the lock screen.

Regardless of whether your phone has a passcode lock or not you can quickly and easily access your camera from the lock screen.

The time you take from unlocking your phone (even without a passcode) and then open your favorite camera app can cause you to completely miss the moment.

To open from the lockscreen, slide your finger up on the camera icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. This will instantly launch your camera app.

2. Lock the focus.

So often we miss a moment because the darn autofocus doesn’t know what we want! You can solve this problem by locking the focus.

To lock the focus. Simply touch the screen on your subject and hold for two seconds.

Then you can shoot away without the focus changing. Just tap the screen again and it will reset back to autofocus.
3. Shoot in burst mode.

Being a dad I know how hard it is to capture your kids when they are moving a gazillion miles an hour. It can be dificult to get a properly focused shot and capture just the right moment as well. One solution is to lock the focus, then shoot in burst mode by pressing and holding on the shutter button. You’ll notice a number counter increasing for as long as you hold down the button. You can pick just the right image later from the burst shots. One of them has to be the right one 🙂

HINT: You can also press the “volume +” button as your shutter button. If you hold it down it also will shoot in burst mode.

Now, GO! Capture your story before it fades away. 🙂

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