6 Tips For Amazing iPhone Photos of Fireworks

Can you shoot great iPhone photos of fireworks without any extra fancy accessories or specialty apps?


The answer may surprise you…

The best possible fireworks photos that you could shoot on an iPhone would require you utilizing a tripod and an app like Slowshutter. If you use Slowshutter’s light trails setting and shoot a bunch of photos you should get some AWESOME SHOTS. But Slowshutter absolutely won’t work if you don’t have a tripod for your iPhone like Joby's Gorillapod.

Best iPhone photos of FIREWORKS = Tripod + Slowshutter app.

Here’s how:

– Get close enough to the fireworks.
– Set-up your iPhone tripod.
– Open up Slowshutter.
– Set up your Shutter app on a slight delay timer so you don’t shake the camera when you push the shutter button.

– You can also, plug in your headphones and press the Volume + button as a remote
– Shoot a bunch of photos.


What if I don’t have a tripod?


If you don’t have a tripod or any way to “Macgyver” your iPhone to stay perfectly still, then here are 6 tips to take better iPhone photos of Fireworks.


1. Use Focus/ Exposure Lock to lock in your focus.

At night it’s hard to focus. Your phone could be going in and out of focus for a while trying to get locked onto something. Especially when things are moving.

To lock the focus/ exposure:
– Open your iPhone’s Camera app.
– Wait til there are some bright fireworks going off then press your screen right on top of the fireworks and hold on your screen until the focus/ exposure locks. (2 seconds)
– Your focus/ exposure will be locked until you touch the screen to refocus or exit your camera app.

2. Hold Still

– It’s hard, but you must try to hold as still as possible. Rest your arm on a railing, brace yourself, or hold your breath. The more still you are the better the photos will turn out.

3. Take Many Pictures

– Once your focus is locked you can keep shooting.
– Shoot a bunch of photos. Practice makes perfect.

4. Burst mode

Shoot in burst mode and take a ton of photos! When you shoot a lot, you get multiple chances and you should have some good photos in there.

To shoot burst mode:
– Press and hold on the shutter button. You’ll see a counter come up and tell you how many pictures you are taking.
– Keep shooting different burst sequences.
– Watch the rest of the show and pick the best photo later.

5. Flash won’t help.

Your pitiful iPhone flash doesn’t go very far beyond a few feet… and even if it did it wouldn’t help you take better photos of fireworks because they are already their own lights.


– Record video of the fireworks.
– Later, take a screen shot of your video at the climactic moment. This will be lower quality… but may prove to be the easiest way to capture the fireworks.

BONUS ideas:

– You could try to shoot a pano. I’ve seen some pretty cool iPhone panos of fireworks.
– Try a time lapse if you have a tripod. Play the whole fireworks show back in a few seconds.


What works for you? Anything I missed?

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