Crisp Action Shots on your iPhone?

Do you ever get blurry photos when you try to shoot an action shot on your iPhone? Crisp Action Shots on your iPhone

I don't anymore. Here's my secret to getting the best action shots possible using the camera in your pocket:

1. Get Camera+ because it has awesome manual control. It's the best app for shooting photos and it's well worth it.* The native Camera app on the iPhone is awesome, but it doesn't have the best manual control. That's why I recommend Camera+.

2. Touch the screen on your subject and Camera+ will focus on that spot. With Camera+, the focus will stay put in that specific area of your frame that you told it to focus on. Camera+ is like a very obedient child only doing what you tell it to do until you tell it to do something else. The native Camera app is like a rebellious child always doing what it thinks is best.

Photo Apr 03, 6 45 59 PM

3. Move your phone with your subject, keeping the focus square over the action. Take multiple shots. Some of them will turn out blurry and some of them will be perfectly crisp! The key here is to pan your iPhone at the same pace as the movement.

Photo Apr 03, 6 46 01 PM

4. And Voila! Here is a crisp iPhone photo using this technique.

judah swinging-cr

TIP: If your subject is moving REALLY fast sometimes the background will be blurred like this cool shot from a different day.

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset

Do you have any tips or tricks for taking crisp action shots?

Share in comments below.



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