20 Student Photos We’re in Love With for Valentine’s Day

You've probably seen me sharing some our students photos on the Facebook page recently.

It's one of the greatest honors I have as a mentor…

Here are some of me and my team's favorite photos to show off this month:

Troy Snider

Dale Brown

Amy Sandrin

Christine Kimokeo

Lauren Easdale

Kaci Groesbeck


Robin Hill Mayer

Melanie Nebbeling

Tiffani Recchia

Bonni Myszka

Flan Hehir‎

Christine Alifieris

Winelda Marcum

Julia Goodsell

Brandi Fletcher

T.s. Gallant‎

Anna Farrell

Betty Sorenson

Thanks to all of our students for sharing these photos inside our Facebook group. If you're an existing student, please keep sharing!

Want to start taking photos like the ones above? Join me on my free training and learn how to show your camera who's boss.

40 thoughts on “20 Student Photos We’re in Love With for Valentine’s Day”

  1. Beautiful, I so want to learn how to take gorgeous photos like these as well.
    In a short time, I have learned a lot with these classes. Thank you

  2. Thank you for sharing one of my pics❣️ I love this idea, as there are some images that I must have missed in my own scroll time. Definitely inspirational!

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