Impact 5-in-1 Collapsible Circular Reflector Disc (42″)

I honestly didn’t expect much from the Impact Collapsible Circular Reflector Disc. But it’s been a pleasant surprise; its sturdy design has lasted far longer than other reflectors I’ve owned. It has three colored surfaces–soft silver, gold, or white. Perfect for both studio and fieldwork!

What You Should Expect
Be careful when you open this reflector disc. Its 32inch frame folds to a third of its size when placed in its carry sleeve. It opens with a snap and can smack you in the face if you’re not careful when you open it. Trust me, if that frame hits your face, more than the loss of your dignity will hurt!

The white side of the reflector bounces a soft, flattering light on your subject. And if you want a different effect, try either the silver or the gold sides to add coolness or warmth to your portrait. The Impact hasn’t ripped or torn even after months of use, which says a lot about its design. No one wants to buy a reflector every few months.

When And Where To Use
The Impact reflector 32-inch disc is perfect for studio photography. You might need to buy a stand though if you want your hands free for other things. Its size is perfect for an individual or couple’s portrait. If you’re out shooting in harsh midday light, use the reflector to bounce fill-light on your subject to help eliminate harsh shadows.

It’s collapsible. All you need is to fold both ends of the circle towards you. With a slight twist in the opposite direction of your hands, the reflector collapses to a third of its size. You store it in the provided sleeve, and that’s it! The sleeve even has a strap that frees up your hands to carry other gear. Sturdy design and durability. After months of usage, it hasn’t shown signs of wear and tear.

None. It’s a standard reflector, but what sets it apart is the sturdy design.

5 stars out of 5. The disc is light, handy, and perfect for using with both studio and natural light. I prefer it to the reflectors where you need to add the reflective surfaces to the frame by zipping them on. That type tends to rip easily, and their zippers break after only weeks of usage.
The Impact Collapsible circular reflector disc is perfect in its simplicity and design. Highly recommended for those serious about their craft.

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