Impact 5-in-1 Collapsible Oval Reflector (42 x 72″)

Lighting is all about control and if you wish to dictate the amount of control you have over a scene then you are going to need a few tools. One of which is a decent reflector. Now depending on what you might be trying to achieve, you will need different types of reflectors.

For a brightly lit room, adding an extra dimension or shadows could enhance your scene. Or being able to bounce your light source to gain more coverage area. Then there are also instances where you might need to diffuse your light source for a softer effect. All these make it sound like you are going to need a number of reflectors so as to handle all these various scenarios. Some of us, myself included, have made use of homemade solutions ranging from silk cloth to white cardboard, you name it. And while some of those solutions does get the job done, it just doesn’t beat a dedicated reflector.

But you are in luck. The Impact 5-in-1 Collapsible Oval Reflector can do all the above and a little bit more. It comes with Black, Silver, White, Soft-Gold Surfaces which give you more freedom of selection of the type of lighting effect you can use. Plus, it can be folded to just ⅓ of its original size for easy packing and carrying around. The reflectors are reversible and removable which gives you multiple-choice options (hence why it’s called a 5-in-1). You get with it an easy carry cover bag that fits everything so you can store it away when not needed.

But there is a key point you should note when getting this reflector kit. You will need to handle it with care. While the reflectors are excellent the framing and zipper are not exactly what I would call world-class. But for a price of just under $100, I can forgive such lapses. Yet it is something you should take note of if you are planning to get one.

For most beginners and even some professionals, this is an easy way to achieve multiple reflective options without complicated setups. You just unfold and point in the position you need it to be in (would need a boom stand or some tape though, depending on how you wish to mount it.)

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