Impact C-Stand with Sliding Leg Kit (Black, 11′)

There are lots of C-stands out there and sometimes choosing the right one comes down to what is best for your use case scenario. But even at that, we all have our standards we do not compromise on and that is the case for the Impact C-Stand. No matter what review you see online for this product, the one word that stands out is “Solid”. You are not going to place your pricey light or any expensive gear on a stand without a solid base. 

According to the product’s page description, this kit comes with a “C Stand with a unique base with one leg that slides up and down the riser to accommodate uneven terrain. The individual legs positioned at any angle in locations not possible with standard design stands”.

It's maximum working height of 11 feet (or 3.3meters) coupled with its versatile mounting system (5/8″ Stud) and load capacity of 22 lb (10kg) makes this kit perfect for most studio setups. Even more so when you consider that for the price you are getting way more than you bargained for.

But while this might be one of the C-Stands we can easily recommend, there is one sour point we have to mention. This would be its lack of the ability to remove the legs. If you are using this in a studio environment and have no plans of moving it from place to place then this isn’t really much of an issue for you. But if you are on-the-go or need something that you can easily pack up and throw into the back of your trunk with the multitude of gears and other pieces of equipment you have, then you might have a slight issue. Nothing to fuss about but it’s worth noting.

At the end of the day, we come back to what the main reason why you should consider this C-stand, the solid well thought out design that makes it a logical choice. If you are upgrading your setup to something a lot more professional or just scared that your current $20 stand might break your $2000 lights. Plus for those that need to work outside a studio, having an adjustable leg for those though terrains make this a balanced choice.

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