Impact Filled Saddle Sandbag (20 lb, Black)

For most first time buyers of saddle sandbags, the first thing that comes to mind after they start using it is “Why didn’t I get this a long time ago?”. We have all been there, using everything from bricks, weights, chairs, and virtually anything we can get our hands on within reach to stabilize our gear from lights to tripods to booms and even backgrounds. But there comes a time in every budding photographer’s life where none of those things just seems to cut it anymore and you start looking at what the “pros” are using. 

That’s where the Impact Filled saddle sandbag comes in. first thing to note is that it’s filled, so there is none of the “sand sold separately” nonsense to deal with. But that’s not the main driving point to get this particular saddle sandbag. While you might not think there is much to be considered when getting such there are a few things that you should take note of.

The first on the list is being waterproof. Now, this is important because it not only allows the use of the sandbag in multiple weather conditions and locations, it also means that getting it wet will not increase the weight nor will it lose weight as a result of moisture loss.

Next is the durability of the build material. You can’t just take any old sack, fill it with sand, and use it. You can but the downside to that is those tend being torn at the most inconvenient of moments. If you are the type to move around with lots of gear, you are going to want something that does not get snagged on sharp edges and preferably made of sturdy material. 

And finally, we have adjustability. You need to be able to vary the weight of the sandbag as needed. Plus move the sandbag around with ease. The Impact Filled Saddle Sandbag ticks all three of the above-listed boxes. It is water-resistant, made of durable materials, and can be adjusted as needed within its weight class while having an easy to carry handle. It also comes in two colors (Black and Red – it’s about choices), with sizes that fit from 5lb to 35lb which you can select based on your need. Always a good idea to get a larger size as you can adjust the content later based on your needs.

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