Magnus TR-13 Travel Tripod with Dual-Action Ball Head

Every photographer I know owns several tripods of various sizes for the many shooting situations that we experience. Sometimes it’s very hard to find the perfect travel tripod because of the differences in weight in the number of cameras we need to take along.

One tripod I purchased and use often is the Magnus TR13 travel tripod with a dual-action ball head. While the composition of this tripod is aluminum and not carbon fiber, it is adjustable and lightweight enough for all my shooting needs. It weighs only 2.9lb, but it has a load capacity of 13.2lb. I have used it frequently and successfully with a bit more weight than that. I’ve even used it as a setup for an audio recorder or a flash

What Comes Inside the Box with the Magnus TR13?
Magnus TR13 tripod with the ball head
BHQR 65 Quick release plate
Hex key
Carry bag

The Magnus TR13 is easy to use with solid construction. The first impression you get when you open is how sturdy it feels. I bought the tripod as an inexpensive backup for my main tripod. But boy, was I surprised. Its design is solid. Though the Magnus TR13 has no-frills, it delivers when you need it to.

With the central column extended, the tripod’s full height is 62.5 inches. The legs adjust independently to various angles for uneven terrain. They spread out totally to give the tripod a minimum height of 16.5 inches. The whole tripod folds up to only 18.2 inches for storage. Yes, I measured.

The ball head moves smoothly and beautifully. I used to have a problem with other heads before when panning but the dual action ball head on the TR13 has worked perfectly. It includes built-in adjustment for vertical and horizontal movement.

Solidly built
Smooth ball head movement
The flip locks on the aluminum legs for a relatively quick deployment
Rubber feet prevent the tripod from sliding or slipping
Great price that delivers super value

Heavier than carbon fiber tripods, but for the price, it’s a steal
Doesn’t do well in windy conditions

If you’re looking for a compact and reasonably priced tripod, then pick up the Magnus TR13. It has become my grab and go-to favorite. I happily recommend it to anyone looking for a well-built, yet inexpensive tripod.

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