Ruggard Leda Memory Card Case for SD, microSD, and CF_CFast Cards

One of the biggest mistakes both new and budding photographers, and yes even professional photographers, make is not considering the proper organization of their gear. This might not be so much of an issue with the larger items as they usually have their own custom carrying cases, such as your camera, tripods, and other accessories. But what happens to the smaller and easily misplaced items in your collection?

We have all been there… you think you left that all-important memory card somewhere easily accessible. Or you have a system but it easily turns to chaos once you have to find that one card. This is exponentially made more complicated when you are constantly on the move. So an easy solution to this is obviously getting an organizer or a case where you can place your SD, microSD, and CF/CFast cards.

But as an active photographer, you want to focus on your clients or just enjoying your hobby of taking pictures, not spending timing searching for your memory cards. You need something that is a little more than just a plastic case that can’t handle the great outdoors. Here is where the Ruggard Leda Memory Card Case for SD, microSD, and CF/CFast Cards comes in.

Your first thought might be why “make such a big deal out of a memory card case?” Well, if you are concerned about making sure your cards are in good condition regardless of what type of environment you find yourself in then it’s a worthy investment. But that’s not all. Transporting mission-critical content across a long distance is a lot easier and safer if the cards holding it is also secured. With its polycarbonate build, snap closure, and molded eyelet, it offers very good protection for your cards.

The Ruggard Leda Memory Card Case can hold up to 6 SD, 6 microSD, and 3 CF/CFast cards and has a molded-rubber lining, a polycarbonate exterior shell, and a snap closure. Plus at its current pricing of just under $20, it’s an easy addition to your gear list, in fact I would argue almost a no-brainer addition!

I do have one complaint about the case though. If you are like me and have lots and lots of memory cards, it can be a bit of a pain figuring which case to consider the most important. Bascially, I wish it held even more cards! When I am out on a shoot, I might easily end up using far more than 6 of one type of card. Regardless it’s a good start and when handing off content to a client, or keeping images safe for my own enjoyment, I know the cards will be kept safe.

And as a final point for the positive in the Ruggard Leda Memory Case, it looks really cool. Yes, that’s also an important factor regardless of what anyone thinks. I mean, that blue is almost the perfect David Molnar blue {wink wink!}

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