Ruggard Lynx 55 SlingPack for DSLR and 15″ Laptop (Black, Medium)

At first glance, the Lynx 55 Slingback from Ruggard doesn’t appear to be much to look at. But the simple design holds a lot more than you would imagine.

This is a gear bag to store, transport, and protect a DSLR camera, your lenses, accessories, and a 15-inch laptop. The bag allows for multiple carry styles. Use the bag as a trolley or as a backpack with the padded adjustable shoulder straps. There is also the option of converting it to a sling bag by unbuckling the bottom of the shoulder strap and connecting it to the opposite side. The spare handle hides behind the back support. Though it looks bulky, the bag only weighs a little over a kilogram. That’s the weight of a small bag of sugar. Really not much at all. This bag’s versatility stands out. It has multiple carry options. Its intuitive design allows easy access to your equipment and valuables no matter how you carry it.

The Ruggard Lynx 55 Slingback is rugged. Every part features padding for comfort and storage. There is an upper zippered compartment for storing small items. The lower main compartment has padded dividers to make organizing your devices and camera as easy as ABC. It also has left, right, and front zippered panels for easy access to your gear whenever you need it.
There is also a front tripod attachment that can also serve as a spot to hold a flashlight.
The Lynx55 sports a removable rain cover in the upper compartment so you can travel with confidence in any weather.

The bag is perfect for people below 6 feet, but someone taller may find the extendable trolley handle too short. The top handle is too small for my tastes. I had to dig to able to fit my hand into the top handle. And finally, it would be great if it came in other colors and not just black.

For the price, size, and quality of this bag, this bag is a must-have for everyone who needs a bag to carry your camera and your laptop all in one place. It gives you secure protection for both your camera gear and laptop when you’re on the go. The various carry options give you added versatility and comfort. If you’re in the market for a combination laptop and gear bag, the Ruggard Lynx 55 might be worth a closer look.

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