Ruggard Thunderhead 55 DSLR & Laptop Backpack (Black)

Looking for a sturdy bag that packs all your gear safely, securely, and smartly for your next travel adventure – whether it’s across the globe or across town? Then the Ruggard Thunderhead 55 DSLR and laptop bag is a perfect choice.

The Thunderhead 55 is a DSLR camera bag/ laptop bag. Its many pockets of all sizes and compartments ensure you can carry all you need to make your shoot a success. Another feature I like is the side attachment for securely storing a tripod.

What Comes with the Thunderhead55?
The bag
3 quick-release belts
2 elastic security straps
9 small dividers
2 large dividers
Removable rain cover
Security whistle

Features and uses
The Thunderhead 55 is a block-shaped backpack that features functionality. It’s not a thing of beauty, but it can’t be beat for practicality. The first thing I did after unpacking the bag was to count the number of distinct storage locations the bag had. It had 36, I may have missed one or two. (Including things like pen holders and the rain cover pocket.) I would have loved the bag to come in another color, but it’s only offered in black with grey.

Let’s look inside
The main zipper opens from top to bottom, to allow full access to the contents of the main compartment. Inside, there is space for your camera, lenses & accessories plus a padded compartment for a 15 inch laptop. The laptop sleeve is not padded as fully as I’d like. The Thunderhead makes up for that by not letting the bottom of the sleeve touch the bottom of the bag. This protects your laptop from damage in case it’s accidentally dropped. There’s a lot of space in the main compartment and there is enough room to pack a few clothes along with including my laptop and camera.

The dividers are removable and configurable, which makes it easy to fit your gear. The Thunderhead sports two front zippered compartments for storing many things. The small front pocket opens up like a flap. It has space for pens and mesh storage for keys, passports, and maybe batteries. The medium-sized storage provides a bigger space for my hard drives, SD cards, and other accessories.

Bag Exterior
The comfortably padded shoulder straps are contoured to fit your neck, shoulders, and chest. The adjustable chest and waist straps to help distribute the weight of your bag for comfort. This is a big deal when you’re out in the field shooting landscapes all day. The Thunderhead has a sturdy, padded top handle that feels good in your hand. My 32 oz. water bottles fit into the stretchy side enclosures snugly. There are even security straps on the left side of the bag for storing a tripod or whatever else my mind can think of.

Extra features
There’s a hidden pocket for the rain cover on the rear of the bag. This pocket can also serve as anti-theft storage for credit cards, cash, etc. Make sure you stow the rain cover elsewhere if you use it for storing your cards, or you might fling the cards away when you bring the rain cover away.

What I Like
The portability of the bag
So many pockets and compartment
Built for travel and strenuous activities

What I’d Change
I’m not sure why they included a security whistle with this bag.

Final thoughts
The Thunderhead 55 from Ruggard is a strong, sturdy bag for the adventurous photographer. Its many pockets ensure you can take everything you need along. It’s comfortable to carry and keeps your gear protected and secure. What’s not to like?

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