Xuma Smartphone Mount

Ever just needed a good mount for your smartphone? Well, an option to look at would be the Xuma Smartphone Mount. If your device fits in the range of 2.4 to 3.25” in width then this might just be right for you. While there are cheaper options for smartphone mounting out there, Xuma Mount allows you three orientation options plus it has a very secure grip, which means it will keep a secure grip on your device.

This is an excellent pair with most tripod stands and can get you up and running quickly. There are a few things you should take note of right off the bat. If you have a larger phone, it is not going to fit. The same applies to devices that are in a protective case. So be sure to check your phone AND case size prior to purchasing.

While you should not run into an issue if using a light or thin case, other bulkier cases would pose a problem. Plus you should also be cautious with the metallic threads which grip the phone. Rough handling may lead to scratches.

There is one thing that makes this phone mount stand out though would be the grip force. It’s not so weak that you would fear your device falling with the slightest touch… or too strong such that it becomes a tug-of-war to get it out each time you wish to put it away. It’s very small size means it’s not hard to make space for when storing within your gear. And can be carried in your pocket as a worst-case scenario.

All in all, it does what it’s intended to do and it does it well. Just make sure your phone is the right size and you are good to go. The team and I give this little sidekick accessory two thumbs up!

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