ShootProof Review

The ShootProof homepage bills itself as “Professional sales tools and stunning client galleries for photographers”, but they are selling themselves far short in their tagline.

ShootProof is more like a ‘swiss army knife’ for professional photographers who want an all-in-one solution for managing their photography business. What looks like a simple online gallery service is also your sales platform, invoicing system, contract manager, printing partner, lead generator, and cloud backup service, all under one roof.

Having all of these services inside one platform is a massive time saver, and helps you manage your photography business more efficiently.

Read on for the full review. (Please note that this review contains affiliate links. If you purchase a plan I will receive a small commission. This does not influence my review in any way.) 

ShootProof Pricing

ShootProof offers a free demo to test drive the platform before you commit to a paid plan. The demo allows you to try out the service for 14-days, free of charge, without requiring a credit card to start your trial.

After the demo period, the service plans are as follows:

  • FREE for 100 photos
  • $10/mo for 1,500 photos
  • $20/mo for 5,000 photos
  • $30/mo for 25,000 photos
  • $60/mo for Unlimited photos

If you opt for yearly pricing, ShootProof offers discounts around 20% off of the normal monthly price.

ShootProof is Super Easy to Use

ShootProof is dead simple to use. If you’ve got the chops to tackle Lightroom, ShootProof will be a breeze.

Once you sign up, you can be ready to receive payments in about 20 minutes. This includes dialing in your branding, setting pricing rules, choosing a print lab, uploading a photo shoot, and organizing your session into separate albums.

For new ShootProofers, you'll see a linked checklist of the steps you need to take to get up and running when you sign into your dashboard. 

Ideal Customers for ShootProof

ShootProof is subtly branded towards wedding photographers, but the features it offers could easily serve photographers shooting fashion, boudoir, and special events, too.

Thanks to its integration with third-party software providers like WordPress, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch for fine art photographers and digital artists to enjoy using the platform as well.

ShootProof Features

At first glance, the simplicity of the ShootProof layout might make you think it isn't full-featured. But nothing could be further from the truth. 

If you’re considering a switch from another online gallery service, here are a few of the features that might tip the scales:

  • Pricing is based on the number of photos you upload, not the size of the files
  • Upload up to 50mb per file.
  • No commission on sales of your photos
  • High-resolution images are automatically optimized for web and social media 
  • Uploaded high-resolution images are automatically optimized for web and social media automatically
  • Send and sign legal documents digitally, including model releases and contracts
  • Separate iPad “Event app” to collect customer email addresses from future customers and potential new clients
  • Connectivity with a ton of third party service providers

These are just a few of our favorite ShootProof features. 

• Online galleries and slideshows
• Digital downloads
• PIN protection
• File sizing
• Social sharing options
• Custom playlists for slideshows, with 14,000 songs
• Client controls
• Password protected galleries
• Private URLs
• Selective show/hide galleries
 • Print lab options
•  Sign legal documents
 • Send docs to clients, who sign digitally
• Choose from templates, ours your own  contracts and model releases can be purchased directly on Shootproof, and range in price from $40 to $175
• Invoices  Session fees, retainers, etc
• Branding
• Watermarks
• Size, placement
• Setting to auto-remove when purchasing digitals
• Logos
 • Brand colors
• Manage multiple brands
• Contact manager
• Event iPad app “Email Capture”, collects contact info  
• Email marketing:  Automated emails are sent to reengage a customer who has abandoned their cart or favorited a photo. Automated emails can also notify your group of special sales, or when their gallery is about to expire.
• Reporting:  Track visitors who have supplied their email address. See the popularity of albums and photos, and see a report of your sales for a given range.
• Extras:  Send clients a free gift, such as a favorited image or two from their session.

ShootProof Gallery Design

The customer-facing galleries can be customized with three colors (background, main text, sub text), a selection of fonts, a featured image, and your logo.

As customers navigate from your website to the ShootProof gallery the branding continuity will feel nearly seamless (which helps potential customers feel more confident about making a purchase.)

Galleries can be laid out in several mosaic arrangements, and can also be viewed in customizable slideshows. ShootProof has a library of over 14,000 songs to choose from, and the photo transitions are very smooth.

This can be a great way to share your work for the first time with your clients!

Select your best photos from your session, find a song that matches the tone of the event, and sit back and watch your clients relive their special day.

The buttons to ’favorite’ an image, compare photos, navigate albums, share images on social media, start a slideshow, get pricing info, and see their cart are unobtrusive.

Your photos take the stage. There is no overwhelming ShootProof branding to distract your customers.

Customer Service and Technical Support

It’s a universal truth that the majority of people who leave feedback are of the disgruntled variety.

Satisfied customers tend to move on too quickly to leave a review. That’s why we’re so impressed when the overwhelming majority of reviews we see for a company are positive.

Almost all of the reports we dug up for ShootProof were 4 stars or higher.

The happy customers cited the ease of use, the connectivity with print labs, the integration with Lightroom and other business management tools, and their amazing customer service as the biggest draws.

The biggest negative feedback we found centered on the 5-day holding period for using their invoicing platform, the lack of customized printing options (for products which utilize more than one photo) and  occasional software glitches involving the Contact List. 

In the unlikely event you need to contact customer support, ShootProof offers the following methods:

  • Knowledge Base
  • Web ticket
  • Email 
  • Phone

ShootProof Integrations

ShootProof partners with several print labs, payment gateways, business workflow services, studio management tools, and even third-party post processing companies.

You can check out their partners here, and you’ll find the supported payment gateways once you log in to your new account (available payment gateways are determined by your region).

Our Verdict: Two Thumbs Up

For ease of use, features and pricing, ShootProof offers pro photographers a ton of value. 

For photographers who are looking for an “all-in-one” solution to manage their businesses, we highly recommend the platform.

Click here to get signed up for your free trial! 

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