Wedding Lightroom Presets

Wedding Lightroom Presets are ideal because wedding photography demands so much out of you as a photographer.

You have a long list of ‘must have’ shots you need to take. There’s usually a badly lit venue to deal with. You hope and pray that the weather will hold long enough to get in some outdoor shots.

And of course, you’ve gotta cross your fingers that none of your equipment malfunctions (or breathe a sigh of relief if you remembered to pack a backup.) 

Emotions run high. You work hours without a break (and probably can’t stop for a bite to eat either.) And you might even have to deal with family drama at some point during the big day. 

Then, after it’s all over, the REAL work begins. 

Editing hundreds of wedding photos!  

Wedding Lightroom Presets Save the Day!

When you have a bride and groom anxious to share photos of their big day (and that’s all of them!) you need a fast, efficient editing process.

Sometimes, you’ll even get asked for social media ready images while the reception is still going on. 

Fortunately, for wedding photographers everywhere, Wedding Lightroom Presets save hours of precious editing time.

A good preset does the ‘grunt work’ of photo editing (basic slider adjustments) with a single click. 

What are Lightroom Presets?

Lightroom Presets are predetermined positions for the slider adjustments in Lightroom (exposure, highlights, shadows, contrast, vibrance, saturation, etc.)

In fact, you can think of presets as ‘recipes’ for editing photos a specific way to create certain looks. 

Just like following a recipe produces a specific, repeatable result, so does applying a Lightroom Preset to a photo.

An example is the desaturated look that's so popular for weddings right now. 

If your clients asks for their wedding photos to be edited in a certain style like the one above, simply apply a corresponding Preset to your photos to recreate the look.

Presets not only lets you edit hundreds of photos in bulk, they also create a consistent look through all of your photos. 

Wedding Lightroom Presets Make Editing a Fast and Easy Process

Having some ‘go-to’ Lightroom wedding Presets saves you from making time-consuming, individual adjustments to each wedding photo.

Sure, you might have to still do a few tweaks to your photos here and there, but on the whole Presets make editing quick and simple.

In fact, you probably don’t need to do a single thing besides apply a Preset before presenting your selects to your client to choose from.

Then you can spend only the time you need to edit their picks to perfection, thus skipping hours of tedious editing time. 

To follow is a look at our most popular wedding presets.

You’re sure to find the right presets to add artistic flair that’s timeless and classic to your wedding photos. 

Classic Wedding: Outdoor Wedding Photography Presets

classic wedding outdoor portrait presets

Almost all married couples request outdoor photos of their wedding day. 

There is nothing like beautiful natural light to make a bride look radiant and her groom look handsome.

But unlike studio lighting, natural light quickly changes. A bright, sunny sky makes it a challenge not to blow out the highlights and a cloudy day creates flat lighting. 

This preset collection helps tone down the highlights so you don’t lose any detail (so important when most brides wear white!) yet adds richness and exquisite tones to your photos.

Choose from among Clean + Matte, Vibrant + Clean, Warm Highlights, Desaturated Presets to name just a few. 

Classic Wedding II: Indoor Ceremony Presets

Classic Wedding Indoor Ceremony Presets

Indoor ceremonies are always a challenge because most churches ban flash photography.

These presets help open up shadows while preserving detail. Refine and add drama to your ceremony photos with these indoor ceremony presets.

The Indoor Ceremony Presets also help correct off-tones caused by artificial lighting in the venue. 

Bright + Contrast, Cooling, Hazy, Crisp, and Vintage are among the Presets to choose from in this Collection.

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Classic Wedding III: Black & White

Classic Wedding III Black & White Presets

Nothing is more classic or timeless than black & white photography.

Your bride and groom will be sure to request that some black & white portraits to include in their wedding album.

Classic black & white portraits are sure to become a treasured heirloom in the years to come! 

These wedding Lightroom presets will transform your photos into enduring testaments to the wedding couple’s love and devotion. 

Choose from Bold, Matte, Low Contrast, Lightened Shadows presets and more. 

Classic Wedding IV: Indoor Reception

Classic Wedding IV Indoor Reception Presets

Anytime you shoot indoors, it’s always a challenge to correct tones caused by fluorescent and incandescent lights in the venue.

Not only does this lighting play havoc with tones, it’s often harsh and unflattering too. 

These presets will correct these tones with a single click of your mouse as well as help you soften and correct lighting that’s less than optimal. 

Select from: Bright & Clean, Fresh, Cool Haze, Vibrant & Contrast, Warm & Clean, Warm Shadows and more. 

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Classic Wedding V: Details

Classic Wedding V Details Presets

Weddings are all about the details.

The lace on the bride’s gown, sparkling rings, the fragrant flowers, centerpieces and all the other small details that make a wedding memorable are a big part of what makes a wedding day special. 

And this Preset collection will help you preserve all these exquisite details for prosperity. 

Presets in the collection include: Bold, Bright & Hazy, Bright Reds, Clean & Contrast, Cool Shadows and more. 

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