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Review of the Canon T6i EOS Rebel (750D)

If you’re looking for an amazing entry level camera that won’t break the bank but has lot of the features of an expensive pro level camera, than the T6i might be exactly what you’re looking for.

For an entry level camera, the T6i is packed with features more commonly found on more expensive models. This is a fun, and affordable camera that is perfect for your first steps into DSLR photography.

Read on to discover what in particular I liked and didn't like about this model. 


Ease of Use:

The Canon T6i Rebel is a fantastic camera with some cool features and state-of-the-art functions. Whether it is hardware, or software there is something for everyone to get excited about. If you want a high quality camera, with features competing with the top flagships today, the Canon T6i can hold its own in competition. 

It is more of an entry level performer, with some functions that are advanced enough for the hobby photographer to capture some amazing shots. One of the best things about this camera is its capability to do and achieve everything you can put it through.

Whether it’s used for professional photo-shoot or a great travel companion, this camera will not disappoint you. The monochrome LCD on top of the camera is another feature that useful for hobbyists and professionals alike to monitor what they’re shooting. The icing on the cake here is that it is a touchscreen interface camera! You can get an amazing preview of how the image would appear on a larger screen like your computer or for prints.

Product Features:

In-Depth Analysis

This camera is perfect for hobbyists, especially those new to photography, to hone their skills. More than that, it is a great lightweight camera to capture amazing travel photos, personal interest captures, and even as a backup camera for professional photo shoots. Because of its high ISO tolerance, it is even good for low light photos. Making use of the higher ISO you can capture some amazing night photography-whether it is sky/galaxy photos, or long exposures. Without a doubt, this camera creates amazing shots across a variety of photography types at a very affordable price point. 

The amazing sensor and screen combination and quality Canon lenses can handle some of the toughest scenarios that earlier models such as the T5i or T6 might not handle. This means noise free high quality 24 MP images output resulting from the capable features inside the T6i

Very few cameras exist on the market with this much affordability and jam-packed with features that include wireless capabilities. 

Let’s talk about the T6i’s wireless capabilities.Communicating with your computer and smartphone for transferring images is critical and a must have feature. The Canon Rebel T6i has both Wi-Fi and NFC for transferring images and media to your devices. You can even make use of NFC to transfer images between two cameras. 

The 19 point autofocus system and amazing shutter speed and startup speeds put this in the big leagues of entry level cameras. This amazing speed is thanks to its DIGIC 6 processor which provides a big leap in performance compared to T5i. The 1080p (NOT 4K) video resolution and fantastic image capabilities make it a great all-round starter camera. The camera even has an in-built mic, which many of the earlier versions do not have, making it a complete package.

Common Complaints

The camera is now over 3 years old, so you might expect more from it. Considering it had 1080p video, NFC and Wi-Fi built in even then, it still stands the test of time. It does shows its age and limitations in some features such as the AF system which can be troublesome. Even the viewfinder might be slightly smaller than your preference. The viewfinder isn’t that much smaller compared to later versions of the Rebel line, but it can be noticeable when in use. The T6i limits are also visible in terms of its wireless connectivity. Even though it has both Wi-Fi and NFC, the chips are not recent and shows their age in speed and pairing issues. 

If you already have the Canon T6, there is a small upgrade in wireless connectivity options with the T6i. The Canon T6i has an upgraded 24 MP sensor from its predecessor. Canon added a swivel and tilt LCD display screen and built-in mic to the T6i.

Therefore, it’s not worth upgrading to the T6i from the T6 with such slight hardware differences.

There are slight differences in the ISO and some internal components, but overall it is not worth upgrading from the T6 or T5 series for these small improvements.

Common Accolades

Despite all of its minor flaws, its amazing speed and capabilities make up for everything. Having a fast camera that’s able to perform like the Canon T6i isn’t a possibility for some recently released camera models. Even the burst mode is as fast as 5 fps, perfect for wildlife photography and capturing other moving subjects. The autofocus keeps up to the fast speeds of the shutter to give you several perfect shots instead of only a few good shots to choose from. 

Product & Pricing Options

Model / Name Price Link to Buy
Canon EOS Rebel T6i DSLR Camera (Body Only) $549 B&H Photo
Canon EOS Rebel T6i DSLR Camera with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II Lens Kit $748 B&H Photo

Final Words

The Rebel series was the first lineup from Canon to bring out the wireless capabilities. So the wireless capabilities of the Canon T6i Rebel 750D are one of its main attractions, especially at this price point. As the T6i is primarily a hobbyist camera, it is best suited for casual and semi-professional photo shoots. 

Another great pro to this is any lenses from the previous Rebel series cameras still work great with the T6i. So, if you are upgrading from a previous model, you can leave your lens-related worries behind. Overall, the camera is a steal at the price point with so many features and an amazing speed to cap it all up. 

So if you are just getting started with photography or have been doing it for some time, this is a perfect choice to level up and learn before diving into more complicated and expensive options. Its fast speed is in the upper range of entry level cameras. The T6i is perfect for wildlife and travel photographers and even for event and sports photographers. 

You can get the best deals and packages here for the Canon T6i Rebel 750D. Getting an amazing deal on this already affordable camera will want you to make it grab one right away!

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